Sand Maker of Hxjq Installs and Runs Smoothly and Easily

Hongxing contact crushers are the sluggish character equipment, and also designated sand making muniments. The instituteation and exercise twain own unroving ruels and educations. Generally forcible, if you institute and use the sand making euqipment consenting to the subjoined educations, the equipment using history, result property and peculiar prophylactic can be guaranteed. OK, let's register the attentions when instituteing and frank a sand making muniment. A. When instituteation, command the insipid pose. The muniment must own the basic conditions: 1) sustentation materials sequent . ) liberal pieces of materials can requite tail to the muniment. 3) there is the raiseing equipment upon the muniment and it can raise the muniment conveniently. 4) there is plenty measure to hinder up on one verge of crusher. B. Common ruels when frank the sand creator. 1. Preparation productions precedently start-up Sand making muniment has a verification run for 4 hours in factory and all compatability are in manage. However, you must hinder up the muniment repeatedly precedently start-up. 1) Hinder up turntable is balanceable or not, that is, wearing compatability is instituteed in a undiminished set or not . ) The pose of triangle hem is consentant or not, that is, tighten is consentant or not. 3) All compatability are united steadily or not, and screws are fastened or not 1-4 Hinder up if there is a utensil or sundries in the muniment. Close the error door and bar into prophylactic bolt. Don't notorious error door when exercise. 1-5 Hinder up the vulgar tendency of engine and turntable is punish or not: anticlockwise succession from the sustentation carriage 1-6 Hinder up detachment is plenty or not. 2. Start-up extraneously commit ) Ammeter is established or not . 2) The curb system: Y/' reducing the hurry start-up; Y/' era remand relief should be commanded as 50S or so. 3) Start-up of wrap electrical muniment: Stand-alone start-up and Two engine start-up. You can pick-out the start-up consenting to the strength of electric network. 3. Start-up delay commit. 1) Pamper the materials behind the muniment own a prosperous verification run extraneously commit and the vulgar of engine becomes ' character. 2) Max Pamper Grain Size must be executed strictly consenting to education. ) You'd meliorate put in the materials close than 5 mm at the initiation of start-up ( at lowest in half a detailed) so that it can constitute security lamina in the muniment. 4) When you pamper the materials at the initiation, there succeed be a 30-60 seconds imbalance the muniment. However, you mustn't seal the muniment at unintermittently and that pamper past materials until the vibration disappears. If there is vehement astound and unnatural clamor, you should seal the muniment to hinder up carefully. 5) You'd meliorate add magnetic separator beverge sustentation advice for awe that sinewy restoration the muniment lodging in the muniment. ) Max electric vulgar compute is not excel rated vulgar one of vulgar motor when sustentation the materials. If the dampness of raw materials is too noble, it possibly bung the pamper notoriousing of accessible course and overcourse carriage of sparse course and swing electric vulgar compute. The electric vulgar compute is too noble and can't be inferior owing the overcourse carriage of sparse course is bunged. Contrarily, the pamper notoriousing of accessible course is bunged. You must seal the muniment to cleansedsed up all pamper notoriousings and then production sequentially. ) Dual animate motor must govern and procure the tighten of two groups of triangle hems into similarity. Look into two groups of electric vulgar compute of motor is consent or not. 4. Seal the muniment 1) You must seal sustentation the materials precedently sealping the muniment. 2) The ammeter should be extraneously commit precedently sealping the muniment. contact crusher: http://www. hxjqchina. com/product-list_12. html sand making muniment: http://www. hxjqchina. com/product-list_57. html sand creator: http://www. hxjqchina. com/product-list_57. html magnetic separator: http://www. hxjq-crusher. com/60. html