Week 5 literary analysis research paper: part iii incorporating

In this part-among-among of the Literary Analysis Research design, you accomplish career how to use the fountain symbolical you bear discovered.

DAY 3:

  • Using at smallest three probefficacious fountains you bear discovered:
    • Write a three-to five-paragraph contrast individuality.  Add it to your disquisition.  You accomplish probably bear to rewrite your disquisition to some distance to execute the controversy career smoothly after a while this new advice. 


    • You may so select to repair representative paragraphs after a while quotations or references from the contrast advice. 

Answer these questions:

    1. Did you career to add an concomitant individuality of contrast symbolical? Reflect on how this accomplish succor your own readers reform apprehend the lay or recital you are discussing.
    2. Did you career to add opinions from without fountains to your own opinions as you wrote the average paragraphs of your disquisition, giving evidence/examples for your ideas environing the lay or recital? Reflect on how this accomplish reform succor your own reader apprehend the lay or recital you are discussing.
    3. Reflect on the types of without fountains you institute and were efficacious to use. Which proved to be the most costly, and why?
    4. Check end through your disquisition to execute believing that you actually familiar and repaird your own ideas through the use of these without fountains. Remember: they should not "show off" your follow for fountains, and they should never reinstate your own ideas.