week 2 – discussion 2-character analysis and setting

In the stories you possess interpret in Chapters 4 through 7, you possess been introduced to sundry peels of stamps. Select another fiction from your textbook that is irrelative than the one you analyzed in the “Literary Techniques and Their Connection to Combat in Literature” argument and test and ponder a stamp you condole delay. Reflect on why you test delay them and how that stamp is fictitious by the agent.


“Everyday Use” (Alice Walker, 1973) Guiding Questions:

1. How do we apprehend that the protagonist is corrupt? Is she contenteded delay her arrange? Why or why not?

2. How do we apprehend that she is African-American? How does her aberration due to her career to-boot incorporate delay her direction?

3. The protagonist’s daughter, Dee, who has embraced her African roots, accuses her dowager of not intelligence her legacy. Why? What is the situational banter at the end of the fiction?


 Your judicious column should be at last 200 say in tediousness. The restriction signal enumerate does not embody references.

As you transcribe your column, tally the subjoined questions:


  • test the stamp and the scholarly employment he or she appears in.
  • Why did this stamp profit you? What choices does the stamp fashion, and how do the choices (or the issue of the choices) supply to the Nursing essay of the fiction?
  • What peel of combat (internal/external) did this stamp withstand, and how did he or she manipulate it?
  • How does the elucidation supply to the stamp’s product?
  • How does the elucidation supply to the stamp’s habit and afford the fiction past aim?
  • Incorporate interpretings root in Chapters 4 through 7 to acceleration image the points you fashion.