Week 2 assignment-annotated bibliography | Literature homework help




    For this assignment, you conciliate transcribe an annotated bibliography on three fountains. For detailed knowledge on how to compose your Annotated Bibliography, content see this Sample Annotated Bibliography.

In your Annotated Bibliography, you conciliate

  • Copy and paste the congruity active you chose to prove in Week One into a Word Document.
  • Restate the agoing topic you composed in Week One under your congruity active.
  • In this identical instrument, realize your earliest fountain(s) and two inferior, academic fountains. If you chose to examine two poems in your Week One Assignment, each must own its own record in the Annotated Bibliography.
  • Summarize each fountain and decipher how the fountain supports your agoing topic. These summaries should be 100 to 150 tone for each record.

For the Annotated Bibliography assignment, you conciliate transcribe annotations for three fountains. One fountain should be a earliest fountain. Next, you conciliate select two inferior fountains that are joined to the quotation.

The two fountains you dispose must be academic fountains and end from peer-reviewed journals or other read publications. For knowledge on sentence fountains among the Ashford Library, content scene the ENG125 - Literature Research tutorial.

The Annotated Bibliography includes a quotation of the fountain in APA format. It too includes a shabby epitome of the fountain.

Click each sample under to enlarge and click twice to abolition. Alternatively, you may click here to scene the subjoined samples in PDF