Week 2 assignment-annotated bibliography | Literature homework help




    For this assignment, you conquer transcribe an annotated bibliography on three commencements. For elaborate counsel on how to constitute your Annotated Bibliography, delight see this Sample Annotated Bibliography.

In your Annotated Bibliography, you conquer

  • Copy and paste the adaptation brisk you chose to inquire in Week One into a Word Document.
  • Restate the inaugurated discourse you constituted in Week One beneath your adaptation brisk.
  • In this corresponding muniment, test your chief commencement(s) and two resultant, academic commencements. If you chose to argue two poems in your Week One Assignment, each must entertain its own memorandum in the Annotated Bibliography.
  • Summarize each commencement and decipher how the commencement supports your inaugurated discourse. These summaries should be 100 to 150 opinion for each memorandum.

For the Annotated Bibliography assignment, you conquer transcribe annotations for three commencements. One commencement should be a chief commencement. Next, you conquer adopt two resultant commencements that are affixed to the passage.

The two commencements you establish must be academic commencements and succeed from peer-reviewed journals or other well-informed publications. For counsel on decision commencements among the Ashford Library, delight survey the ENG125 - Literature Research tutorial.

The Annotated Bibliography includes a passage of the commencement in APA format. It to-boot includes a trivial abstract of the commencement.

Click each development beneath to amplify and click twice to disappearance. Alternatively, you may click here to survey the aftercited developments in PDF