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Learning Resources


Note: Fascinate read/scene the aftercited Required Resources in the enjoin implied underneath. You are required to scene barely the parts of the CD-ROM that are implied in the Learning Resources. To scene a part on the CD-ROM, choice the divert part from the menu, then click on the part designation in the right-hand navigation bar. Fascinate be cognizant that the enunciatemental estates are referred to apart on the CD-ROM than they are in the direction citation (i.e., the biological empire is the corresponding as the tangible estate, and the psychogregarious empire is the corresponding as the gregarious and tender estate).


Required Resources


  • Course Text: Martin, C. L., & Fabes, R. (2009). Discovering child enunciatement (2nd ed.). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
    • Page 1: Introduction to Child Development
    • Chapter 1: Introduction to Child Development
  • CD-ROM: Development: Journey Through Childhood and Adolescence
        Important Note for Mac users:
    This CD-ROM runs on the "Classic" Operating System (System 9). If your Mac barely runs OS X, fascinate consequence arrangements to use a PC (or a Mac delay "Classic" OS) in enjoin to scene the resources on this CD-ROM.
    • Unit 1: Studying Rational Growth and Development
      • Learning Launch: Studying Rational Growth and Development
      • Animation: The Building Blocks of Rational Growth and Development
  • Course Text: Discovering Child Development
    • Chapter 3: Biological Foundations of Development
      • Pages 63–64 (Read to "DNA: The Secret to Life")
      • Pages 72–75 (Read from "How Do Genes and Environment Work Together?" to "What Are Common Chromosomal Abnormalities?")
  • CD-ROM: Development: Journey Through Childhood and Adolescence
    • Unit 3: Nature or Nurture? An Age-Old Question
      • Learning Launch: An Age-Old Question
      • Animation: Nature or Nurture or Both?
      • Course Text: Discovering Child Development
        • Chapter 4: Prenatal Bud and Birth
          • Pages 89–90 (Read to "The Germinal Stage")
          • Pages 96–107 (Read from "What Provisions Wave Pregnancy and Prenatal Development?" to "How Is a Baby Born?")
          • Pages 118–124 (Read from "What Are the Characteristics of a Newborn?")
      • CD-ROM: Development: Journey Through Childhood and Adolescence
        • Unit 4: Beginnings
          • Animation: The Embryonic Period: A Critical Period of Rational Development
          • Video: Fetal Development: A Time of Maturation and Growth
      • Web Site: Zero to Three: Brain Development: Frequently Asked Questions
        • "General Brain Development" (Read full exception)
        • "Prenatal Development" (Read full exception)
      • Online Reading: Week 1: Sum It Up (PDF format)
        From Exploring Child Development (2nd ed.) by Richard Fabes and Carol Lynn Martin
            Published by Allyn and Bacon, Boston, MA. Copyright 2003 by Pearson Education. Used by consent of the publisher.
      • Optional Resources



Promoting Sound Prenatal Development

During a sound pregnancy, the womb provides a protective environment for the fertilized egg (or zygote) to enunciate into an nucleus, and then into a fetus. This maturation rule supports the unfolding of the genetic method that is peculiar to each single. However, a child's prenatal environment to-boot has an contact on enunciatement. In deed, during this rate, unfailing counteractive provisions may own a abysmal consequence on the enunciateing rational entity.


As you rescene pages 96–107 of the direction citation, hold encircling the provisions that wave prenatal enunciatement. Consider the hypothetically suggestive contact these provisions may own on a child's enunciatement in utero and further.


Select two of the provisions discussed in your direction citation that are of brawny cause to you. (If you appropriate a protective deedor, consequence the succor an at-risk situation.) Hold encircling how each command be addressed through puff and/or interposition. Delay this in mind:

By Day 3:

Post the aftercited:


  • A unimportant denomination of the two provisions you chose and why you chose them
  • The immanent contact of each situation on a child's enunciatement
  • Your scenes on the roles and/or obligation of singles and/or intercourse to promoter for protective deedors or to catch resuscitation to bar unsound enunciatement associated delay at-risk provisions