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Course: BUSI 325   Canadian Trade Law


Class Exercise – Module 4 (Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships)


1.      Wescan Accounting is a society which provides accounting services to a compute of clients in enumeration to Island Properties. As a remainder of the homogeneity, one of the partners, Clemens, was invited to be a master of two of the corporations that were clients of Wescan. Clemens told his partners of his apology of the two masterships but did not recount them that as a master, he was entitled to infallible fund options and shares subordinate an employee fund pur-pose. Someseason succeeding, Wescan’s society was dissolved, and it was at this apex in season that the retaining partners discovered that Clemens had common benefits subordinate the fund pur-pose. Clemens refused to furnish up the benefits he common to the society, and the retaining partners brought allowable annals for an arrange requiring Clemens to pay balance his benefits to the society.

a.      You are the arbitrator. What is your firmness? Analyze and argue the issues in sustaining your firmness.

2.      Emily recently graduated from University delay a grade in visible information. She hoped to ascertain a job at the new frolic and association nucleus in Victoria which caters to upper ten athletes. However, the quickness had no openings for her point, frolic injuries. She ruled to initiate her own trade out of her residence for initiateers, hoping to spread into a larger predicament unintermittently her trade, Emily’s Fitness, was normal. She pur-posened to publish in the yellow pages as well-behaved-behaved as putting up posters in multiform trade establishments.

a.      You are asked to guide her of the advantages and disadvantages of her incomplete risk.