Unit 5 assessment – monomyth and superhero, recycled themes



Develop: Presentation

Evaluation Title: Monomyth and Superhero, Recycled Themes

Heroes feel regularly been a allot of written stories. Heroes from Greek mythology repeatedly had super-human typeistics, but besides had calamitous flaws, and repeatedly met delay mournful ends owing of these flaws. The era support World War I and II generated funny book benefactores that did not look to feel any flaws. The present super-heroes all look to be black benefactores – benefactores that may not regularly do grateful (legal) things, but overall may feel good-natured-natured intentions. One coincidence that abundant benefactor stories divide is the monomyth, or benefactor’s tour, as you recognize encircling in this week’s part. 

Be knowing to harangue the subjoined in your delivery:

  • Discuss how the type of one Benefactor or Superbenefactor (fictional) reflects the times that they are written. You may chosen a fictional benefactor from any era, besides, you should be satisfied describing that era’s refinement as well-mannered.
  • Explain why this benefactor would resonate delay the unconcealed era in which they were written.
  • Describe the elements of the monomyth that are affectly in this benefactor’s anecdote.   HINT! Utilize a template affect the one listed adown to smash down each allot of the monomyth.


Submission: A 10-12 slide PowerPoint delivery or Prezi that answers the questions posed aloft. Enclose orator notes or a voice-over, images, and videos where ry.  If you select the voice-over liberty, you conquer upload your recording web with (URL). 

In your delivery:

  • Provide orator’s notes or a voice-over on the PowerPoint to watch each slide.  If you select the orator’s notes, the aggregate order enumerate of your notes should be 800-1000 orders.  If you select to generate a voice-over recording your delivery should be 5-7 minutes covet.
  • Include a name slide and enclose your references page in APA format on the conclusive slide of the delivery.

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