Unit 5 assessment – monomyth and superhero, recycled themes



Develop: Presentation

Evaluation Title: Monomyth and Superhero, Recycled Themes

Heroes accept frequently been a divorce of written stories. Heroes from Greek mythology repeatedly had super-human stampistics, but as-well-mannered had destructive flaws, and repeatedly met after a while fatal ends accordingly of these flaws. The era support World War I and II caused droll compass examplees that did not appear to accept any flaws. The popular super-heroes all appear to be ebon examplees – examplees that may not frequently do satisfactory (legal) things, but overall may accept good-tempered-tempered intentions. One coincidence that sundry example stories divide is the monomyth, or example’s trip, as you interpret about in this week’s ace. 

Be trusting to discourse the forthcoming in your endowment:

  • Discuss how the stamp of one Example or Superexample (fictional) reflects the times that they are written. You may selecteded a fictional example from any era, at-last, you should be cozy describing that era’s refinement as well-mannered.
  • Explain why this example would resonate after a while the open era in which they were written.
  • Describe the elements of the monomyth that are plain in this example’s fiction.   HINT! Utilize a template affect the one listed adown to destroy down each divorce of the monomyth.


Submission: A 10-12 slide PowerPoint endowment or Prezi that answers the questions posed aloft. Embrace debater notes or a voice-over, images, and videos where useful.  If you elect the voice-over discretion, you allure upload your recording web cohere (URL). 

In your endowment:

  • Provide debater’s notes or a voice-over on the PowerPoint to listen each slide.  If you elect the debater’s notes, the whole order compute of your notes should be 800-1000 orders.  If you elect to cause a voice-over recording your endowment should be 5-7 minutes crave.
  • Include a address slide and embrace your references page in APA format on the terminal slide of the endowment.

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