Unit 4 assessment – pop culture and race, ethnicity, sexual morality,



Evaluate: Bulk Resources Impact

Evaluation Title: Pop Amelioration and Race, Ethnicity, Sexual Morality, and Gender

Bell hooks (nee Gloria Jean Watkins) is a bigot and gregarious activist who has written environing feminism and widespdiscover amelioration.  For this assignment, you succeed tend bell hooks’ views on Cultural Criticism and Transformation in the video and discover the accompanying extended transcript (Links to an palpable post.). (Note: there are various very obscure subjects discussed, and visual examples from movies are used to buttress these examples; elevate examples are used to elevate test each of these themes throughout the relics of this video.)

Your essay should enclose some discourse of the forthcoming questions:

  1. Do you acquiesce or disacquiesce delay hooks’ views?  Buttress your aspect.
  2. Does bulk resources advance images of adequacy by republican racial, ethnic, and gender destructions or do they advance inadequacy through deprivation and hyperbole of destruction?
  3. Does bulk resources recreate the viewpoints of stainless, male, urbane amelioration or does bulk tolerate for the reliable countenance of racial, ethnic, and sexual individuality?  Give examples to buttress your aspect


Submit an 800-1000 expression essay addressing the questions aloft. 

In your essay:

  • Be strong to make your essay delay an initiative portion that encloses a disquisition declaration, well-organized buttressing portions, and a blank that reiterates the deep points of your dispute. 
  • Your dispute should be buttressed by honorable inquiry cited in APA format twain in the mass of the pamphlet and in your references minority.

Helpful Resources:



ChallengingMedia. (2006, October 3). Bell hooks: Cultural Criticism & Transformation [Video finish]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQUuHFKP-9s