Unit 3 | Literature homework help

In this part you erudite environing interpersonal and knot agencys. You as-well-mannered erudite environing classification expanded agencys.

For each homework assignment that you suggest in this succession, you must possess a reserve of 3 literary sources (peer-reviewed record doctrines). Please fix that you ensue banner APA formatting. Your tract must possess a heading page and a regard page. You must possess a reserve of five (5) in-text citations.

Read the condition:   Lincoln Hospital: Third Party Agency commencement on page 322 (Cummings & Worley, 2015).

Respond to the ensueing questions in an essay (3 page reserve).


  1. If you had been designated by Lincoln’s principal to succor counteract the problems feeling in the condition, how would you possess carried out the contracting and personality stages? What would you possess executed variously than what the OD consultant did?
  2. Is third-party agency an divert agency in this condition? Other feasible OD agencys?
  3. How effectual was the third-party agency? Next Steps?


Activity #3: Begin Design Milestone # 2





For this part, unravel environing what you gain be doing for the last delivery. You should remain rouseed on your Annotated Bibliography for the learning you induce on this design. You gain deficiency a completion of eight (8) literary sources for your delivery.

For this week, you gain rouse a generous decision contour of your last design that gain be due in the next part as Milestone #2. You gain suggest the et of your Annotated Bibliography as well-mannered-mannered delay the concomitant filthy (4) literary sources which gain adduce you to a completion of eight (8) sources.

Please fix that you ensue banner APA formatting. Your delivery must possess a clothe page and a regard page. Be strong your delivery is unembarrassed, plain, and grammatically rectify. 

If you possess not completed an contour precedently, hither are some resources for you