Speech and writing online 6 weeks remaining

Course Description

This round get acceleration you transcribe prose that is serene and informative.  Serene thinking is the foremost trudge in reaching this intent.  The tabulate attractions, quizzes, and essay assignments bear been in-detail intentional to unfold your precarious thinking skills in this affect.

Another key component in the power to transcribe hale prose is locomotive lection.  You must be efficacious to seize specially a side of congruity and irritate it on an pictureless pur-posee.  Leonardo da Vinci would never bear been efficacious to describe his Mona Lisa if he hadn't produced his homeemployment environing ethnical multiplyition.  The identical goes for each of you--except you get be studying the flesh, dignity, and bones of written prose.  This locomotive mould of lection get acceleration you when it ends direct to do a unmain creating of your own on the printed page.

Average Workload Per Week

The medium week in WR 122 get envelop environing 10-15 minutes per day of delayout lections or watching video documentaries.  There are barely three essays.  The foremost is a narrowness of 2.5 pages crave, the relieve is 3.5 pages crave, and the third is 4.5 pages crave.

Instructional Approach

This round is stereotyped chronologically and employs a modular intent. Each week, scholars should accomplished all assignments rolled in that week's instruction module. These modules can be accessed by clicking the "Learning Modules" folder on the Round Menu.

Due ages for each week's assignments get be rolled in the Placeholder Banner Graphic Course Calendar  cohere which is availefficacious on the Round Menu.  All submissions get by due by midnight on the age ascertained.  Assignments among the modules may frequented scholars to use abundant of the tools contained in Blackboard, including the Assignment dropbox, Attraction Board, and Quizzes. These tools get be unrestricted twain from among the weekly acquirements modules, as courteous as from the Round Menu.

Communication Guidelines

Communicate by using the Blackboard e-mail disposeification which can be accessed from the Round Menu. You can use Blackboard e-mail to grant a special e-mail to your pedagogue and/or tabulatemates. I get be cohibiting email in Blackboard daily on weekdays. E-mail sent on weekdays get be exculpationed among 48 hours. E-mail sent aggravate the weekend get be exculpationed the forthcoming Monday.

If your inquiry or observe would be of curiosity-behalf to other scholars, affable support it to the wilfulsame weekly Placeholder Banner Graphic Discussions area or Placeholder Banner Graphic Chat board. This way other trade-outicipants can acceleration exculpation inquirys, and all trade-outicipants get boon from the exculpations. Your foremost despatch assignment is to bring-in yourwilful in the attraction disconduct "Introductions."

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the direct, you should be efficacious to use precarious thinking to irritate, synthesize and evaluate notions.  Your essays and compositions get teach whether or not you bear achieved this intent.

Learning yow to transcribe is not regularly a acquitted mannerical courage.  A bleak page is regularly acquitteder than one populated delay ink  Messes get be encouraged in this round, so crave as they are not created out of thoughtlessness or a stagnation of endeavor.  Mistakes are a trade-out of every good-natured-natured transcriber's acquirements mode.  Abundant of the recognition you gain get end from revising, editing, and prooflection your employment.

If you successlargely accomplished this round delay a C or amend, you should bear literary how to do the forthcoming:

1.  Transcribe essays that   

•: are trade-out of a mode of inquiry—a instrument of discovering new notions and new ways of thinking   

•: bear a serene end and a potent mediate notion   

•: are arranged coherently and endfully   

•: use control, expression and erection to engage to divergent lively situations   

•: blend multiple points of judgment and characterize your own control(s) from others’   

•: are trade-out of a recursive and gregarious mode that envelops multiple drafts and substance efficacious to sonorous hearsay critiques of your own and others’ congruity thcoarse equal employmentshops and conferences   

•: engage a narrowness expression compute as ascertained for each assignment   

•: use the conventions of measboard academic English and the regulatelines of MLA documentation

2. Peruse a abnormity of challenging citations and in the mode   

•: transcribe a epitome and multiplyition of a published designation that identifies mediate notions and sustaining points   

•: interact delay citations thcoarse counter-argument, attraction and notes to get at a unfolded brains of an designation’s lively strategies and reasoning   

•: expone and irritate concepts, recognition, and illustration from other transcribers as a instrument of unfolding your own congruity   

•: use a abnormity of library and multi-media media to dispose, evaluate and expone divergent sources of counsel

3. Engage in precarious thinking that   

•: reexamines current notions and cultural frames of reference   

•: is at once disclosed and skeptical, receptive to new notions, and yet circumspect to touchstone them abutting antecedent apprehendledge and recognition   

•: probes what we apprehend and what we are taught for inferiorlying assumptions and contradictions   

•: unfolds a perspective on the gregarious peruseing of wilful and society   

•: explores the role of expression as a instrument of twain shaping and challenging cultural frames of reference   

•: teachs an power to irritate literal precedents, severe illustration, and examples in restitution delay boundless religions measures that may out-top coeval societal norms

Course Prerequisites

You should already bear accomplishedd Congruity 121 delay a remove of "C" or reform.  If you bear not, affable continuity me succeeding a whileout-delay via round email.

Required Texts

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, by John Perkins (ISBN 978-0-452-28708-2) [REQUIRED]

From Precarious Thinking to Argument, by Sylvan Barnet and Hugo Bedau. (ISBN 978-0-312-60161-4) Third Edition barely. [REQUIRED]

Little Seagull Handbook, by Bullock and Weinberg. (ISBN 978-0-393-91151-0)  [REQUIRED]  

A Pocket Fashion Manual, by Diana Hacker. (ISBN 978-0-312-66480-0) Fifth edition barely. [Recommended]

Extra Confidence [Optional]:  Peruse one dimensions from the roll of five feasible choices in the extra confidence trade-out of the round:

  • Lolita by Nabokov (Only Deal-out I is demandd for Lolita; the other dimensionss inferior demand the undiminished dimensionss be peruse.)
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by Rowling
  • Dracula by Stoker
  • The Da Vinci Code by Brown
  • The Girl delay the Dragon Tattoo by Larsson
  • Brave New World by Huxley 
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four by Orwell

Participation Expectations

You are halt-fored to invade the round on a weekly plea to employment on the instructions, cohibit email, and trade-outicipate in attractions. Prompt trade-outicipation in attractions is in-detail main when collection employment is envelopd past others in your collection are depending on your input. Each direct you log into the round be sboard to cohibit for any new declarations, email and attraction messages, and pattern sustainings.

Activities, Assignment, and Assesments

During this direct, you get be asked to trade-outicipate in weekly attractions, surrender equal reconsiderations, construct essays, and accomplished quizzes

Evaluation of Assignments/Assesments

Grades are established on your essays, equal rejudgment submissions, quizzes, and trade-outicipation in tabulate attractions. I get support removes among one week succeeding the due age. Be sboard to cohibit the Placeholder Banner GraphicMy Grades for idiosyncratic scores and feedback.

Grading Criteria:



Points each


Discussions (10)




Quizzes (8)




Peer Reviews (2)
















Extra Confidence Essay (partition of prevailing novels from a sociological perspective)


Extra confidence Attraction and Quiz (environing the US administration) for 20 points extra.

Students may not do twain of these extra confidence assignments--barely one of them.











Grading Scale:

Letter GradeTotal Final PercentageA900 - 1000B800 - 899C700 - 799D600 - 699F< 600

Late Employment & Make-up Policy

Assignments must be accomplishedd on direct in direct to acquire ample confidence. (Late assignments get be removed upon the pedagogues preference)

Name Changes

Kirk asks that you DO NOT ask other scholars to balancecome you by any indicate other than what is in the disposeification.  Likewise, affable do not use any other indicate than what is in your removedimensions when sustaining essays (delay headers).  Rarely Kirk prints out essays to remove by index and he has no notion who you are if you use another indicate in the header than what is in the remove dimensions.  Thank you for brains.  For an online tabulate in which mass do not see your countenance, this manner employments abundant amend and accelerations to escape misunderstandings. 

Instructor Availability

Generally indicative, the pedagogue get cohibit e-mail and other assignments, such as trade-outicipation in the attractions five days per week, normally Monday thcoarse Friday.  The pedagogue does not employment seven days per week, and get not cohibit e-mail on weekends, normal he get be prelude his two days off in the average of the week on that trade-outicular week.  Do not halt-for the pedagogue to cohibit his e-mail on weekends.  If the pedagogue is home and not out of town, he get cohibit e-mail on weekdays.  On most occasions, if the pedagogue get be past for further than 24 hours during the week, he get support a "pop up" declaration to that movables.  If he does seize his two days off in the average of the week, he get cohibit his e-mail during that trade-outicular weekend.

Turnaround Direct on the Grading of Essays

The pedagogue knownly avail essays among eleven days of the sustaining due age for a trade-outicular essay assignment, and noblely his turnaround direct is truly a bit faster than that.  He get not repay essays among eleven days of when they were supported if they were supported coming past he tends to halt until the due age and then remove the essays in batches, and not idiosyncraticly.  The pedagogue get not seize craveer than fourteen (14) days to repay essays, although it is truly noble for him to seize that crave and it barely happens in fact of a special conjunction, such as an extensive malady that prevents him from grading papers among his 7-11 day measboard turnaround.

Comments and Feedback on Essays

The pedagogue tends to afford observes on the foremost essay delay further of an eye on phraseology and fashion, although he does prosper the grading rubric precisely (see the tefficacious of divergency in this folder).  On Essay Two, he focuses a unmain further on affable and fashion, and get not regularly name the definite reasons why the phraseology party of a scholar's remove was docked if phraseology is a amount--particularly if the scholar is not congruity up to WR 90 measures, which emphasizes congruity in accomplished sentences that are operating of promotive refuse, comma splices and run-ons.  If a scholar perspicuously uses a bit for melomelodramatic movables, that is not a amount past this fashion is utilized in coeval journalism, although it should not be aggravateproduced in any solitary essay.  When grading Essay Three, the pedagogue focuses primarily on the attraction applied, and the solidity of the journalistic sources / severe illustration. 

Comments environing phraseology and fashion regularly name Hacker's Pocket Fashion Manual for the scholar to "bone up" on academic concepts, such as comma splices or refuse.  If the scholar did not buy a delineation of Hacker's citation, the pedagogue get not consume a powerful trade of direct explaining the concepts that are explained in Hacker's fashion regulate.  He may ask the scholar to buy the citationbook.  If a scholar does own a delineation of the citation and diligently peruses it, involved to imply the concepts and quiet does not, he or she should arrive-at operating to ask the pedagogue environing the concepts until he or she is ampley affable that he or she implys them accomplishedly.

The pedagogue does not peruse thcoarse undiminished coarse drafts precedently they are supported to be removed.  Essays One and Two can be rewritten, so this is the direct for scholars to fuse suggestions affordd by the pedagogue in an try to acquire a redevise remove on an essay.  Students are welend to ask specific inquirys environing passages in any essay they are congruity.  Questions environing erudition, documentation, and affable are besides gratifying. 

Complaining environing Round Theme: Not the Identical Thing as Debating a Detail Point of Judgment in a Attraction or an Essay

If a trade-outicular scholar glidings into "venting" environing the round disconduct in a attraction or in an essay, that scholar get be asked to transcribe the attraction or essay aggravate anew.  "Venting" get not be removed or evaluated.  Refuting a trade-outicular machination scheme thcoarse the use of severe illustration get be powerlargely valued.  It's besides honorable, of round, to coincide delay the machination scheme inferior attraction.  Either way is honorable, harmonious so crave as the scholar does not gliding into knownized statements environing how he/she loathes politics, or can't exist machination theories in known.  This expression of knownization get not acceleration to advanced the acquirements mode for anyone.  Affable see the minority titled, "Disclaimer," which appears at the depth of the Tefficacious of Divergency for the item in which this syllabus appears, if you would enjoy to peruse an in-depth clarification environing the inappropriateness of "venting" environing the round disconduct in assignments.  This said, any scholar should arrive-at operating to email the pedagogue environing everything at all in the round that moulds him or her arrive-at disagreeable.  That is undiminishedly alienate and surely encouraged to acceleration practise the acquirements environment vibrant and disclosed.

Academic Integrity (rules environing trickery, plagiarism, or sharing employment)

Cheating is abutting Chemeketa pur-pose. Trickery involves any try to misappropriate, ensnare, or miseducate the pedagogue in arriving at an honorable remove impost, and may involve delineationing exculpations from other scholars or using distrusted notes during touchstones. Plagiarism is a trade-outicular mould of trickery that envelops presenting as one's own the notions or employment of another, and may involve using other mass's notions delayout decent attribution and surrenderting another person's employment as one's own. Violations of the trickery pur-pose get effect in a remove of '0' for the assignment in inquiry, and may effect in a feeble remove for the round at the pedagogue's preference. For further counsel rejudgment the institution's Academic Integrity Policy.

Students delay Disabilities

Chemeketa is committed to sustaining all scholars. If you pur-pose to use academic accommodations for this round, affable continuity me as quickly as feasible to mould arrangements. Accommodations are not retroactive, but prepare when the pedagogue receives the OSD Prevailing Academic Accommodations mould from the scholar (this mould may be surrenderted via email). To supplicate academic accommodations for a incompetency, affable continuity a counselor in theDispower Services Office in Building 2, Room 174.  This appointment is disposed on Chemeketa's main campus.