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The concern of reception segregation, specially demo graphical notification, can be to your harangue bestowal. Knowing the makeup of your reception allows you to tailor your harangue. The question you prefer, your vocable cherished, and your examples should all genuinenessor in the restricted reception you procure harangue.

This assignment procure ask you to finished an segregation of a point reception. The guidelines are outlined under.


Imagine that you’ve been asked to communicate a imperfect harangue to a collection of International students visiting Florida State College at Jacksonville from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Before you do so, surely you’d lack to exploration Dubai in dispose to rehearse to your reception. Feel exempt to exploration as plenteous as you’d affect in dispose to argue the subjoined questions. Tless is a genuineness sheet delay this assignment that you may effort to use as courteous. Then reply the subjoined argueion questions providing details, examples of your own insight, and segregation.

Remember, demographics typically shield gender/gender roles, gregarious affiliations, devout affiliations, age, ethnic setting, allowance smooth, educational smooth, etc.

  1. What stereotypes force you already bear when you cogitate this reception? It’s okay to be right less. Once you hold what you judge or bear heard/read/been taught, you can rectify centre on the genuineness. How would allowing these stereotypes to wave your harangue above your bestowal?
  2. List 3 demographics that you feel would contend for these students vs. students originating from the United States. Which of these 3 demographics would you cogitate most weighty to binder in spirit as you discourse to these students? Why?
  3. What force you comprise in this bestowal that you would normally not cogitate applicable or expedient to harangue for U.S. students? Why? What should you cogitate as you prefer your examples and details? What about the use of jangle, idioms, and confused-talk?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

CountryEmirateFounded bySeatSubdivisionUnited Arab EmiratesDubaiUbaid bin Saeed and Maktum bin Butti Al MaktoumDubaiTowns and Subdivision


TypeEmirCrown PrinceLanguages SpokenTime ZoneAbsolute monarchyMohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumHamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumArabic, EnglishUAE banner occasion (UTC+4)


Total 2,502,715 

Indian 51%  Emirati 15%  Pakistani 16%  Bangladeshi  9%  

Filipino 3% Other Countries 6%

"Dubai" (Links to an manifest locality.) by Unknown, A Wikimedia project (Links to an manifest locality.) is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0