“sonny’s blues” by james baldwin and “everyday use” by alice walker

What do “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin and “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker demonstration about oneness and direction? Why is this subject essential to readers’ understandings of themselves, others, or the cosmos-people?

This essay is the meridian of the studious dissection you’ve been studying all semester. Therefore, a superior intent of this assignment is to demonstration readers that you can use the studious conditions to beget your own inferential, recognitionful dissection of literary-works cheered delay examples from the incomplete stories, poems, or plays. While you are required to comprise resultant inquiry in the conceive of important tenets, obey in sentiment that your own ideas and dissection should be the convergence of the essay, and the inquiry should not be recognized to grasp aggravate and answer in total stipulation, for prompting. Your literary-works sources and resultant sources must be cited in MLA conceiveat on the Works Cited page, as courteous as delay in-text citations for quotes, summaries, or paraphrases.

• You conciliate stir one or more literary-works sources (incomplete stories, poems, or plays).

• Your filthy resultant sources must be from the library databases or catalog (not the playing web) to establish your dispute in treatment delay other important interpretations, or to stipulate unromantic or political contrast on your literary-works or authors. Your sources don’t necessarily own to be making an dispute common to yours—they could exist as counter-arguments so you’ll own notability to neutralize. They could besides stipulate some recognition on how critics own stird this literary-works in the departed.