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The disperse of Buddhism in China brought changes in sacred ideas and practices, changes in literary-works and art, and changes in the values and daily lives of families and people.  Give THREE examples of such changes, including at meanest ONE contextualized plain citation from a primary commencement assigned for the collocate.  (You may represent an effigy for one of the citations if you effort.  Please apprehend the effigy in your pamphlet if you do.) These apprehend:

·      Relevant choices from Ebrey, Chinese Civilization: A Sourcebook (87-108, 132-138, 199-201)

·       The Platform Sutra, the Heart Sutra, Mulian Rescues His Mother, Princess Miaoshan, Tang Poetry (all on iLearn). 

·      The iLearn PowerPoint of Buddhist art

·      Monkey

Please hush that Ebrey, The Cambridge Illustrated History of China is NOT a original commencement, and that you should NOT adduce from it plainly.  You should, nevertheless, interpret it carefully and use whatever you’ve scholarly from it in your own suffrage in your pamphlet. Likewise, my exhortation hushs are a SECONDARY commencement, so you shouldn’t adduce me plainly or foothush me, but you’re acceptable to put anything you scholarly from me in collocate in your own suffrage and use it in your pamphlet. DO NOT USE SOURCES OTHER THAN THOSE ASSIGNED FOR THE CLASS.

Your pamphlet should entertain the recognized features of an essay: a meaningful style, a top of object developed in an taking and omission, perspicuously defined paragraphs that often provides proof to patronage your top of object.  Citations should be in parentheses, delay author’s spectry (NOT the editor of the anthology, if you’re using it), style of the choice, and page reckon.  Proofinterpret carefully, alter gratefully.