Scholarly sources & bibliography analysis discussion question

General Education Capstone Class


Takes notes by rolling examples and differences among these likenesss of media.

Reflect: Compare your roll of examples among important and subordinate media. Good examination is a association of multifarious likenesss of fountains. Prior to presentation this career, did you perceive the differences among these media and the weight of decision one likeness of device aggravate another?

Write: Provide your moderate support that addresses these prompts:

  • Explain the differences among important and subordinate fountains used in examination.
  • Identify a likeness of device for your Final Examination Project question that would be considered a important fountain and one that ability be a subordinate fountain, and interpret why they fit in those categories.
  • Explain the advantages of using important fountain documents in your examination on your Final Examination Project question.
  • Review two peer-reviewed, read media from the Ashford University Library that you gain use for your Final Examination Project, and interpret why they were selected.
  • Provide ample allusion counsel of the two read catechism selected in APA format at the end of your confutation.
  • Download and add the two catechism that you base from the Ashford University Library to your repartee using the “Attachments: Add/Remove” business located adown your confutation.
  • Support your claims after a while examples from required embodied(s) and/or other read fountains, and appropriately refer-to any allusions.
  • Your moderate support should be at meanest 250 control in extension.