Romeo and juliet film and text comparison


OPTION 1: Read Romeo and Juliet and watch one of the forthcoming adaptations: Gnomeo & Juliet (2011), Chicken Rice War (2000), Romeo Must Die (2000), Romeo + Juliet (1996), Romeo and Juliet(1968), Romeo and Juliet (1966), West Side Story (1961), Romeo and Juliet (1954), Romeo and Juliet (1936). 

Now, for the resemble/film brace that you chose, address all compressiveness of this inquiry.

  1. Clearly substantiate two exhibitions from the written resemble that to-boot answer in the film (besides inadequately) that you reckon are forcible to the overall anecdote, and decipher why.
  2. Offer an imsupport of how well-mannered-mannered you reckon the film portrayed the two exhibitions. In other articulation, was the film's portrayal of these two exhibitions effectual or undignified? Why?
  3. Use at least two of the provisions and concepts from Discussion 5.1 that you or your classmates supported to decipher why the exhibitions portrayed in the film were effectual or undignified. For in, may-be the film used restricted voicelessness and lighting in a exhibition to effectually emphasize the force of the exhibition. Underline or boldthe wordbook, concept or technique you use as an interpretative utensil in your support. 
  4. Finally, confer your overall notion encircling how the themes of this resemble interpret to our coeval earth and why you reckon this resemble has had so numerous film adaptations.