Research proposal | Literature homework help

Prompt: Integrating your knowledge from the exhortation and your assigned lection from the extractbooks, educe and suggest Microsoft PowerPoint slides of an verbal bestowal of Appendix D from the syllabus as if you were going to introduce your regular learning overture in front of an explicit knot.

Prompt: Suggest the Learning Case Study Proposal. Refer to APPENDIX D for elevate instructions to entire the overture.

Prepare the learning overture using the aftercited guidelines:

A reserve of 20 pages not to surpass 35, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, using APA test for references

Title page, including designation of pamphlet, your call, road call and road calculate, bound of yielding (Page 1)

An divert and conducive revealed source associated after a while each superior individuality and subindividuality of the learning overture

A Literature Review of existing inferior learning sources on your chosen topic of learning (reserve 5 pages)

A bibliography (too designated Reference Page or Works Cited) after a while a reserve of 10 references are required, including the extract, The Holy Bible (New Living Translation), books and articles from academic sources (Net Library), and other periodicals.