Research paper outline due at 11:59pm 7/18/2020

 In my Composition II tabulate I feel to transcribe an plan for a scrutiny monograph on a gist or sympathy in the globe. I chose to transcribe about tobacco use. Let me distinguish if you are ready to grasp on this assignment. Below are the details for the plan.

  • Create 1 pristine column after a while your "working" discourse proposition/proposition of the gist and liberal plan.  Students may apply a Word instrument or embed the discourse proposition and plan in their column. 

Include the forthcoming in the Discussion column:

  • Introduction (this could be from your annotated bib or barely a few new passages) leading to a discourse proposition or proposition of the gist  (bold and underline the discourse statement/proposition of the gist) 
  • List of the Whole Paragraphs for your scrutiny monograph. For each whole chapter, embrace the forthcoming 
    • a question passage or (at lowest) the question of the chapter
    • the attraction you'll use or scarcity  to maintenance the ideas in the chapter
    • If you don't feel the rise yet, hush what you peaceful scarcity to  research. (Some of this counsel may substitute as you transcribe, but this  step succeed acceleration you see how your developed monograph succeed "hang conjointly.")
  • Conclusion What are you aiming for (at this sharp-end? What's the "grasp away" for your reader? What's "the big so what?"