Reflective journal due 12/20/2015 | Literature homework help

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Reflective Journal


    Before you transcribe your third animation register, import to will the video part, "Cultural and Linguistic Diversity" in which Dr. Eugene Garcia talks environing the awful bias that the leading few years of animation possess on beings, explaining that the "roots" one develops through future experiences are qualitative to the crop of that special. Think environing the roots that possess biasd your animation and your erudition. In what ways are you a consequence of how and where you were high as a cadet? What role has humanization and/or tongue played in making you the special you are today?

    Part 1:

  • For the leading interest of your animation register this week, interpret balance the responses you wrote precedent in the line to the inquiry: Who Am I? Then add at meanest three affixed responses to this inquiry in kindred to your cognizance, attitudes, and beliefs environing humanization, linguistic difference, and the intrinsic environment.

Part 2:

For your animation register this week, criticism the inquirys underneath and then select three or over to transcribe environing:

  • How would you explain your cultural and linguistic roots and the bias they possess had on your animation and your erudition?

  • How fur has your personality been shaped by your humanization?

  • In what ways has your humanization been taught to you?

  • How aenjoy do you move to the assign where you live—the sky, landforms, vegetation and animal animation?

  • How do living-souls in your parentage and homogeneity rehearse to each other? How do they limit prosperity? What are their aspirations? Fears? How are these reflected in their cadet-rearing processes?

  • What traditions, rituals, and celebrations are weighty to you and your parentage?

  • How possess your humanization and your animation experiences fictitious your kindredships after a while and knowledge of specials who are culturally unanalogous from you?

  • What over would you enjoy to apprehend environing your own humanization and/or the humanization of others in direct to meliorate apprehend yourself and ways you can is-sue respectfully and responsively after a while youthful cadetren and their families?


Assignment length: 2–3 pages

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