Realism/naturalism | Literature homework help

Writing Prompt:  Walt Whitman is considered by manifold critics to be one of the primeval securely initiatory American poets. He securely instituted star new that set him aside from all the poets that came precedently him. Choose an component that you ascertain thrilling in one of the poems from Leaves of Grass or Drum Taps assigned in this module. For your new dissequence shaft, transcribe a less essay of at meanest 300 vote that points out the component and explains why you ascertain it so thrilling. Adhere-to in soul that this new shaft is a Gordon Rule assignment, signification that the sort of your congeniality as well-behaved-behaved as the elongation gain be considered during the evaluation/grading way. Then, rejoinder to at meanest 3 of your tabulatemates to get bountiful confidence for this assignment. Replies can be 30-40 vote.






Mini-Essays and Discussions:

The Mini-Essays (your "new tenor" in the discourse) are Gordon Rule assignments. Therefore, you should use your best congeniality skills when you exertion on these assignments. Each Mini-Essay and Dissequence assignment has three basic requirements:


  1. Prepare: Read the literary-works that is assignment and select voice of its dissequence theme. Be prudent to confutation the dissequence theme for each Mini-Essay. You exertion demands to be "on theme," as the declaration goes.
  2. Write: Adhere to the elongation requirements for the Mini-Essay and the dissequence behalf of the assigment. "New Threads" should be encircling 300 vote in elongation. As you transcribe, Blackboard gain adhere-to vestige of your notice compute, so it's gentle to distinguish where you are. Following you acquiesce your new tenor, you gain be efficacious to lgain the other students' shafts. Rejoinder to at meanest three other students to gain bountiful confidence for the assignment. Replies should be 30 - 50 vote. Also, don't overlook to conceive the Honor Code (See Ground Rule #4 in the syllabus) at the end of "New Posts." Be secure to disconnected it from the shaft itself. Keep in soul that this is a less essay assignment, not a condition assignment.
  3. In-text Citations: If you use a extract from the literary-works in your mini-essay, fascinate locate an in-text extract (also named a parenthetical extract) immediatly following you end the extract marks and precedently you locate a conclusion for your passage. That way, anyone in the tabulate (including me!) can largely ascertain the extract in the literary-works if essential. If you're not secure what to locate within the parentheses, there is some education in the handouts for Essays #1 and #2. And, you can frequently notice me for succor. Do not use without sources for this sequence. Transcribe encircling your own ideas and convergence you subsistence tightly on the literary-works itself. 
  4. Grading: The compute of shafts and replies you demand to get confidence are shown in the Grading tefficacious beneath.  Keep in soul that the walks in the chart suppose that your "new tenor" (mini-essay) and "replies" satisify the elongation criteria in #2 aloft. Also, consequently these mini-essays are Gordon Rule assignments,  the walk could go up or down depending on the sort of your congeniality.