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Review the Signature Assignment: God’s Legend Research Tractate Instructions (opens in new window) if you accept not performed so already.

Assignment Requirements

Part 1: Submit a Project Plan, to embrace the subjoined:

  • Topic - choose one: Moses, Miriam, Covenant, the Decalogue, or the Golden Calf.
  • Thesis - what is the mediate message/argument of the tractate?
  • Resources - the tractate must reference:
    • The Drama of Scripture;
    • the cognate question word build in the mode from Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch;
    • two additional sources from the APU Library;
    • NOTE: In APA fashion, refined works - including the Bible - are not listed in the References page. Embed revealed passages among the quotation as follows: “Then Moses pungent and went down the mountain, carrying the two tablets of the bond in his hands” (Exod 32:15, NRSV). Only sharp-end-out the Bible rendering in the foremost passage; it is not needful to fulfill each passage as NRSV.
  • Outline - construct the tractate to harangue the subjoined questions:
    • In Exodus/Deuteronomy, what is the view of the question (Moses, Miriam, Covenant, the Decalogue, or the Golden Calf) to the legend of the Bible?
    • What is momentous to understand environing the fact, refinement, and faith exclusive this special or concept?
    • What was the ancient perception and view of this special or concept?
    • What insights gained could be perceptionful for our conquotation today?

Assignment Expectations

  • Submit the assignment in Times New Roman 12 sharp-end font.
  • The Project Plan is 2 pages in tediousness.
  • Outline identifies the introduction/thesis assertion, at last foul-mouthed main subjects, 3-4 sub-points adown each main subject, and a blank.
  • List references in APA format.