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Ethics (Moral Philosophy or Axiology) is the scion of philosophy, built upon Epistemology and Metaphysics, which explores the doubt of what "ought" we to do. Ethics includes gregarious and gregarious philosophy, as well-behaved-behaved as aesthetics (the consider of exquisiteness). In daily ghostly decisions most frequently we use choices we bear literary from source, holy, and cultural influences. In over complicated situations, when we combat problems for which we bear no test, it's not so unconstrained. Using the theories of ethics presented in this module, how would you expound this ghostly scrape? Include in your apology how this result command be addressed according to either utilitarianism or Kantian ethics. Cite appropriately the advice in this module, or any other sources you used.

You are on the exchange committee at a senior regional not-for-profit hospital.  A lung has behove suited for exchange. It has behove open that you trust the deciding vote in choosing natant these exchange candidates. Who would you adopt? 

  • Candidate 1: A three-year-old feminine delay complications from end-stage cystic fibrosis. She could subsist six to twelve months hankerer. There is, thus-far, no insure when another lung succeed behove suited.
  • Candidate 2: A seventy-year-old hardy self-denial from an opportunistic lung contagion scrutinizing suitableness visiting an orphanage in another state which he supports generously. The contagion is opposing texture and it is doubtable whether he succeed outlast another month. He is to-boot a senior contributor to this hospital, adventitious a war to set-up a new pediatric cancer texture wing.
  • Candidate 3: A thirty-five-year-old feminine suffers stern lung trauma from an automobile garb two days ago which to-boot complicated her immodest posterity, whom she's mound sole. The lungs are irretrievable but she could outlast separate months delay curative thrift. She succeed not be able to character beyond the hospital suitableness expectation exchange. The posterity suffered less injuries but demand homethrift to be released from the hospital. There are no kinsmen or friends who can acceleration.
  • Candidate 4: A forty-five-year old hardy is in end-stage lung cancer. He is a life-hanker smoker. He is a persomal model, having of-late single from a hanker thrifter delay the persomal senior combination sports team. He has donated considerable of his era participating in benevolence characters for area charities. He succeed not outlast the next forty-eight hours delayout a exchange.

The prognosis for all is cheerful delay a exchange.
There is no proposal when another lung succeed be suited.