Person of interest speech outline and speech assignment


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Outline: Individual of Interest Speech

Prepare your delineation using the decided Oration Delineation Template. Submit your completed Oration Delineation in this Module. The delineation is excellence 25 points and allure be evaluated using the decided grading rubric.

This assignment is to succor in making-ready for your upcoming Individual of Interest Speech, due in Module 5. Please criticism that assignment foregoing to working on your delineation.

Here is a connect to the FSCJ Library’s APA Help Guide to succor after a while in-text citations for your delineation.


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Speech Delineation TemplatePcriticism the muniment

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Person of Interest Speech

This oration allure be a 4–5 diminutive informative oration in which you allure exploration—and then present—the condition of a renowned individual. You may appropriate a star, an athlete, a politician, a musician, etc. You may not use a attributering-to or individualal friendliness. You may lack to rendezvous on that individual’s elucidation (childhood), awards, contributions, scandals, etc. This oration is excellence 100 points.

You must use 3 substantial exploration sources for this oration. You allure relation these sources in-text in your delineation and orally in your oration. (Please attribute to the Assessing Sources and Oral Source Citation muniment.) You allure diverge in the developed Delineation and APA Relation Page.

This oration requires you to afford a self-criticism of your exhibition. See assignment, Self-Review 1: Individual of Interest Oration in this module.

assignment instructions and rubric decided below