Person of interest speech outline and speech assignment


Speech Sketch TemplatePrevisal the muniment

Outline: Special of Interest Speech

Prepare your sketch using the determined Discourse Sketch Template. Submit your completed Discourse Sketch in this Module. The sketch is price 25 points and succeed be evaluated using the determined grading rubric.

This assignment is to benefit in making-ready for your upcoming Special of Interest Speech, due in Module 5. Please revisal that assignment anterior to instituted on your sketch.

Here is a embody to the FSCJ Library’s APA Help Guide to benefit after a while in-text citations for your sketch.


Speech Environment & Recording RequirementsPrevisal the muniment

Speech Sketch TemplatePrevisal the muniment

Assessing Sources and Oral Source CitationPrevisal the muniment

Person of Interest Speech

This discourse succeed be a 4–5 specific informative discourse in which you succeed discovery—and then present—the conduct of a far-famed special. You may select a fame, an athlete, a politician, a singer, etc. You may not use a relatering-to or specialal familiarity. You may failure to rendezvous on that special’s enhancement (childhood), awards, contributions, scandals, etc. This discourse is price 100 points.

You must use 3 conclusive discovery sources for this discourse. You succeed regard these sources in-text in your sketch and orally in your discourse. (Please relate to the Assessing Sources and Oral Source Citation muniment.) You succeed alter in the definite Sketch and APA Regard Page.

This discourse requires you to stipulate a self-revisal of your offer. See assignment, Self-Review 1: Special of Interest Discourse in this module.

assignment instructions and rubric determined below