Music of the world’s peoples

Discussion-Written Submission Four (medium 500 utterance for 10%) Due by May 15th: 

Read the bountiful pdf name by Modirzadeh (2009, Leonardo Journal), and criticism fine portions accompanied by your own thoughts and opinions. 

Regarding the music-making preamble and minority on improvisation as compost (pgs 253-254), guard/listen to the two scanty excerpts of the express fact as illustrative (two after a whiles underneath), and see if you can report this gregarious probe admittance to the after a while by probescape ecologist Bernie Krause (guard the ultimate two after a whiles as well-behaved-behaved for enhancement).

Chromodal Consort "Compost Sonata" Excerpt One:

Chromodal Consort "Compost Sonata" Excerpt Two:

Bernie Krause - The Great Animal Orchestra:

Bernie giving enhancement and matter to his exertion after a while nature's probescapes:

"This Is What Extinction Sounds Like":

Bernie Krause TED talk: