Music of the world’s peoples

Discussion-Written Submission Four (mean 500 language for 10%) Due by May 15th: 

Read the ample pdf designation by Modirzadeh (2009, Leonardo Journal), and retrospect excellent portions accompanied by your own thoughts and opinions. 

Regarding the music-making taking and individuality on improvisation as compost (pgs 253-254), guard/listen to the two inconsiderable excerpts of the real fact as forcible (two couples adown), and see if you can recount this collective gauge advance to the couple by gaugescape ecologist Bernie Krause (guard the last two couples as well-behaved-behaved for contrast).

Chromodal Consort "Compost Sonata" Excerpt One:

Chromodal Consort "Compost Sonata" Excerpt Two:

Bernie Krause - The Great Animal Orchestra:

Bernie giving contrast and matter to his effort delay nature's gaugescapes:

"This Is What Extinction Sounds Like":

Bernie Krause TED talk: