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The Impact of Television on Literacy

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends limiting consequence's use of TV, movies, and video and computer games to no further than 1 or 2 hours per day and states that consequence subordinateneathneath the age of 2 should not tend any television, movies, or computer or video games. As courteous, the AAP links television aspecting to such disclaiming sanity effects as raging or fetid action, material abuse, sexual action, corpulency, bald collection fiction, and decreased train exploit (AAP, 2001).

The Required Resources in this module confer-upon differing perspectives on consequence's television experience delay youthful consequence. After reviewing the catechism, consider:


  • Your specific perspective delay mind to the role television and television aspecting plays in the lives of youthful consequence
  • The perspectives confer-uponed in the Learning Resources


By Day 7 of Week 4:

Post your thoughts delay mind to:


  • Whether you harmonize or disharmonize delay the American Academy of Pediatrics and why or why not
  • Whether consequence subordinateneathneath the age of 2 should be known to tend television and aspect other media
  • Whether television can be a cat's-paw for sustaining literacy, and why or why not