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Pride and Prejudice 1) Discuss the gift of Regency English values in Pride and Prejudice. Pay feature observation to the significance of gregarious arrange, the command of action mismisappropriate for each gender, and genius, chiefly as they application the similarity among Elizabeth and Darcy. 2) Certain critics entertain reckoned Pride and Prejudice as a odd encircling women who arrive-at they entertain to espouse to be glad. Discuss the gift of nuptials in the odd and/or in “The Story of an Hour” and the declaration the fruit makes on contemporary beliefs encircling the community. Examine the role that gender and gregarious arrange personate in the characters’ crave to espouse, as polite as the dynamics that the odd exposes among the married couples. 3) Analyze the disquisition of benevolence as it is depicted in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, featurely the encouraging causes of the excitement, the symptoms after a while which it can be ordinary, the parts to blink or expose the arrive-ating from the other and/or the headstrong, the incongruity of the experiment, the opposition over auger, and the similarity among benevolence and brains. 4) Examine the role that the excitements of ‘pride’ and ‘prejudice’ personate in the lives of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Pay observation to the causes of these arrive-atings and their pi on the harvest of their similarity, as polite as the manner of outweighing these arrive-atings and the possibility of discovering not barely the other, but to-boot the headstrong.