Litr2 wk8 a century ends and a new millennium begins – part ii

Part I: Describe the homeless attendant. What does Jackson Jackson equalize when he says that he's been "disappearing" reluctantly but unquestioningly, "piece by piece"? Compare those lines succeeding a while the delaydrawal lines (breathtaking in their amiable imagery) when Jackson says, "They all watched me leap succeeding a while my grandmother. I was my grandmother, dancing." (Sherman Alexie- “What You Pawn I Will Redeem”)

Part II: Although the contrast is Boston, we are defenseless to Indian amelioration and values in Jhumpa Lahiri's "The Third and Final Continent." To what space is the incident environing gregarious and cultural differences--their reconcilability or irreconcilability? To what space is the incident environing kindness, compatibility, nonattainment, forgiveness, longing, despite all odds? (Jhumpa Lahiri- “The Third and Final Continent”)

Part III: Optional Extra Story/Response: Succeeding lection Native American composer Louise Erdrich's brief incident "The Shawl" , meditate how it is practicable that progeny can re-envision and in-effect rewrite the hiincident of their parents to produce an opening for beneficial old wounds. This incident tends to educe an emotional counterpart from readers. If you're one of them, distribute your experiment succeeding lection it.

Please column no fewer than 300 tone making unquestioning to equalize your answers to the unconnected size. You should use quotations to buttress your points, but they should not command your columns.