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Create Your Own Utopia

This week we discover encircling a utopia, and now your assignment is to effect your own. You are going to intention your utopia by enucleateing the aftercited concepts encircling your new distributeicipation. Your plain result execute be intended to persuade someone to propose to/live in your distributeicipation. Effect believing you understand a “catchy” induction to “sell” your utopia. Gladden retain this is a match assignment, so you insufficiency to asbelieving that your match is well-behaved-behaved schemeatic, collectively plain, and grammatically redress. There is no “right” way to give this instruction, but I do ask that you effect each ace you are addressing manifest and gladden asbelieving it demonstrates your match abilities.

 You insufficiency to asbelieving that you enucleate each distribute of your utopian distributeicipation as to obviously cater immanent constituents the requisite instruction to enumerate whether they insufficiency to unite your distributeicipation. 

  1. Name of your Utopian Society- Choose a intellectual and alienate indicate to regive your new distributeicipation. Explain your cherished in a way that effects the reasons of the indicate intelligible.
  2. Members of Society- Who execute your citizens be? How frequent execute you feel? What execute they do? How execute they execute out voting into your utopia?
  3. Declaration of Independence- Write a shabby declaration (2-3 paragraphs) describing the reasons for your structure of a utopian distributeicipation. In other signification, what specifically don’t you relish encircling popular distributeicipation? How has the popular distributeicipation domesticated confidence after a while you? Why do you feel the scarcity to conceive a “more perfect” distributeicipation? You ability attribute to the United States Declaration of Independence for ideas.
  4. List of Rules- Enucleate a catalogue of at smallest ten administrations that all polity constituents execute ensue. Cater a rationale for each administration.
  5. Governing Body- How execute the legislation of this utopia be structured? Execute you feel a democracy, an rebellion, a realm, a dictatorship, or some other conceive of legislation? What rights execute the constituents feel? How execute your utopia effect decisions?
  6. Economics, Work, & Leisure- What schemes execute be in locate for the resultion and dispensation of result and services? What conceive of publicity execute you use? How execute the affluence be arranged? Who execute do the result? Briefly delineate a day in the conduct of a constituent of your utopia.
  7. Education- What execute the teaching scheme contemplate relish? Who execute be capable for what fashion of teaching? What execute be required? Execute an teaching be required at all?
  8. Technology- Execute you use technology in your utopia? If so, what role execute it indicate? Execute there be specific administrations and guidelines for using technology?
  9. Media and Religion- What roles execute instrument and godliness indicate in your utopia (if any)? What class of freedoms and restrictions on instrument and godliness execute be made? Who execute administer these areas?
  10. Law & Order- What class of scheme (or schemes) execute be scarcityed to trade after a while those who curb the administrations or those who distressing others? How execute you strain the administrations of your distributeicipation?