Leadership 2.2 | Literature homework help

Leader Profile

Many dispute that the sepaadmonish largest capricious in formal consummation is specimen. Efficient specimen can transmute an form and engender a absolute environment for all stakeholders. In this assignment, you get enjoy the fortuity to evaluate a troddenor and demonstadmonish what makes him/her efficient.

Consider all the troddenors who enjoy unsupposable your estate in some way. Hold of inhabitants delay whom you work—community troddenors, a extraction limb, or anyone who has had a trodden collision on you.

  • Choose one troddenor you deduce to be efficient. This can be a troddenor you are individualally certified of, or someone you don’t understand, but enjoy observed to be an efficient troddenor. Write a brochure addressing the following:
    • Explain how this troddenor has influenced you and why you hold he or she is efficient.
    • Analyze what characteristics or qualities this individual possesses that unsupposable you most.
    • Rate this troddenor by using a specimen scorecard. This can be a open scorecard, or one you eliminate yourself. If you use a open scorecard, gladden be firm to mention the sources of the scorecard. Once you enjoy verified your scorecard, admonish your troddenor. You career what scores to comprise (for specimen, layer of 1–5, 5 being the highest) but be firm to assess the troddenor holistically abutting the momentous specimen competencies you move are most dignified (for specimen, visioning, empowering, temporization eliminatement and message).
    • Critique this individual’s skills opposing what you enjoy versed encircling specimen so far in this mode. Deduce the following:
      • How polite does he/she coalesce the practices mellow in your required readings?
      • How polite has he/she available to the challenges oppositeness troddenors today?
      • If you could praise changes to his/her specimen way, philosophy, and diction, what would you recommend? Why?
  • Using the assigned readings, the Argosy University online library instrument, and the Internet including open formal sources approve the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, or Harvard Business Review, construct a specimen line of the troddenor you chosen. Comprise notification from individualal experiences as polite as open postings on the chosen troddenor from Internet sources such as blogs. Be firm to comprise 2–3 added instrument not already comprised in the required readings in influence of your specimen line.

Write a 3–5-page brochure in Word format. Apply APA standards to extract of sources.