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*Literature Review is fixed  as a intimation.

Prepare and column in the denominated line in the argument board by Wednesday of Week 8 a grant that summarizes your Attainment Review in 10 slides or near (plus address page and References).  Since you are summarizing your paper, you may not be talented to understand all 15+ sources used in your Attainment Review; your intimations should merely understand sources cited in the grant.  The grant should not surpass 10 minutes, and understand audio and visual components.  You are grateful to use the technology of your exquisite (e.g., PowerPoint or Prezi delay audio embedded, Screencast-o-Matic, recorded Adobe Connect, PowToons, Animoto, etc.) in presenting your anatomy. Grant tutorials can be plant in the Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) YouTube Channel:  

As outlined in the fixed rubric, the grant should understand 

• Introduction: little narrate the posterity and debate why inquirying it is important

 •Research Point and Questions: Clearly and concisely say the point of the inquiry and the 2 – 3 inequitable inquiry questions to be answered 

•Literature Review: Debate your inquiry findings and responses to your inquiry questions 

•Conclusions: Debate your conclusions protected by findings in the attainment. •References: Understand a Intimation page for all sources cited in the PowerPoint Be real to understand citations and a Intimation page.