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Writing Narrative Assignments


Journal 1


            -Read the presentation to Graff, pages 1-15 (also adapted subordinate "course content"). Then entire drill 2, page 15




Journal 2


-Read the Rodriguez essay, "The Lonely, Good Company of Books" 189-194, and deem encircling your own teaching and the ways you bear educated yourself. For this narrative, transcribe a few paragraphs (250 suffrage or so) on star you taught yourself or star that you bear erudite or are acquirements that is unlove from star your parents or siblings bear erudite. In other suffrage, how are you carving a pathwayway in teaching and acquirements that none of your extraction is common after a while?  This narrative can trade after a while star in nurture or out of nurture. The notion is to get you deeming encircling how teaching has made your divergent than those encircling you.




Journal 3


            -Read “What College Can Mean to the Other America" (194-198) by Mike Rose, and then reread it again and career which are the three key sentences of the essay, or establish what you handle are the three most dignified sharp-ends to you personally. Debate these sentences in your narrative and why you separated them.  This narrative should be encircling 1-2 pages.




Journal 4


            -Take a behold again at the Essay #1 Assignment Sheet. It is duration to begin deeming encircling a subject getting notions affecting in your belief and computer defend. For this narrative, transcribe 400 suffrage on germinative subjects or everything kindred to choosing a subject for Essay #1. You can transcribe encircling germinative places you may scantiness to picture and contrive or you may debate subjects you definitely do not scantiness to effort after a while! This is a keen contrive of preletter too!




Journal 5


            -Read Jacoby "When Bright Girls Career that Math is 'A Waste of Time'"215-219. Summarize Jacoby’s essay nature abiding to embrace at last 3 dignified quotes from the essay.  Try the templates from Graff ch. 3 to succor make-known and interpret your quotes.




Journal 6


-Hood "Street Scenes" 238-241. What sharp-end, information, or discourse does Hood’s essay pass? What do you deem are the most dignified narratives, descriptions, and symbols she uses to pass this sharp-end? Interpret how they degree the discourse.




Journal 7


            -Dillard "An American Childhood" 241-248. What does Dillard’s dowager love and dislove (interpret some of the examples and comparisons)? What information(s) do you deem Dillard scantinesss us to pass detached from her essay? In what ways is Dillard's essay alike and/or divergent from Hood's and White's?




Journal 8


            -Read: Rodriguez "Family Values" 257-263.   Journal 8: Essay 2 preletter – detached letter – It is duration to begin deeming encircling essay 2. which essays bear you loved so far and why? Debate some of the alikeities and differences that you bear noticed unarranged them, and be abiding to confer some examples. You could either nucleus upright on one span or try detached letter on a few spans for encircling 250-500 suffrage. Read: Graff – Ch. 4 “Three ways to accord”


Journal 9


            -Read Sullivan "Why Gay Marriage Is Good for America" 252-257. Summarize Sullivan – what is his Nursing essay and how does he help it?  After summarizing, accord to his reasoning (agree/disagree) using templates from Graff.  






Journal 11


-Read Chief Seattle "Letter to President Pierce" 648-650. Read McKibben "The Environmental Effect from Hell" 666-669. pass some proemial scrutiny on environmental subjects, chosen one (or a few) that profit you and detachedtranscribe (300 suffrage or so). What is the effect? Could it be easy for a 6-8 pp essay? Why does it profit you? What could be germinative solutions?


Journal 12


-Read Carson "The Obligation to Endure" 669-675. Watch Youtube video on Carson. Begin scrutinying your subject primarily on the internet. Find one fortified and one incompact origin. Cite each in either MLA or APA title. Then Summarize twain little, and interpret why they are fortified or incompact.


Journal 13


            -Read Handout “Banana plantations novice essay”. Read the novice essay on Banana plantations (handout or adapted on Bb). It mainly presents a bearing. In the disposal, nevertheless, the committer does supply a few suggestions. For this narrative (250+ suffrage), transcribe a counterreasoning challenging some of her suggestions and gift one or two ameliorate alternatives to solving the effect. You can use your own notions or pass some dwarf scrutiny.