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Writing Life Assignments


Journal 1


            -Read the initiative to Graff, pages 1-15 (to-boot adapted subordinate "course content"). Then total practice 2, page 15




Journal 2


-Read the Rodriguez essay, "The Lonely, Good Company of Books" 189-194, and deem environing your own information and the ways you own educated yourself. For this life, transcribe a few paragraphs (250 tone or so) on bigwig you taught yourself or bigwig that you own knowing or are information that is unconnected from bigwig your parents or siblings own knowing. In other tone, how are you plastic-production a method in information and information that none of your parentage is frank delay?  This life can market delay bigwig in ground or out of ground. The subject is to get you deeming environing how information has made your divergent than those environing you.




Journal 3


            -Read “What College Can Mean to the Other America" (194-198) by Mike Rose, and then reread it anew and determine which are the three key sentences of the essay, or settle what you move are the three most relevant objects to you personally. Sift-canvass these sentences in your life and why you choiceed them.  This life should be environing 1-2 pages.




Journal 4


            -Take a observe anew at the Essay #1 Assignment Sheet. It is span to set-out deeming environing a subject-matter getting subjects melting in your will and computer ward. For this life, transcribe 400 tone on implicit subject-matters or anything akin to choosing a subject-matter for Essay #1. You can transcribe environing implicit places you may absence to portray and mark or you may sift-canvass subject-matters you definitely do not absence to production delay! This is a beautiful make of preanswerableness too!




Journal 5


            -Read Jacoby "When Bright Girls Determine that Math is 'A Waste of Time'"215-219. Summarize Jacoby’s essay life assured to embody at lowest 3 relevant quotes from the essay.  Try the templates from Graff ch. 3 to acceleration usher-in and clear-up your quotes.




Journal 6


-Hood "Street Scenes" 238-241. What object, homily, or disquisition does Hood’s essay transport? What do you deem are the most relevant narratives, descriptions, and symbols she uses to transport this object? Clear-up how they action the disquisition.




Journal 7


            -Dillard "An American Childhood" 241-248. What does Dillard’s mother love and dislove (clear-up some of the examples and comparisons)? What homily(s) do you deem Dillard absences us to seize separate from her essay? In what ways is Dillard's essay resembling and/or divergent from Hood's and White's?




Journal 8


            -Read: Rodriguez "Family Values" 257-263.   Journal 8: Essay 2 preanswerableness – unreserved answerableness – It is span to set-out deeming environing essay 2. which essays own you loved so far and why? Sift-canvass some of the resemblingities and differences that you own noticed shapeless them, and be assured to concede some examples. You could either nucleus harmonious on one two or try unreserved answerableness on a few twos for environing 250-500 tone. Read: Graff – Ch. 4 “Three ways to accord”


Journal 9


            -Read Sullivan "Why Gay Marriage Is Good for America" 252-257. Summarize Sullivan – what is his disquisition and how does he foundation it?  After summarizing, accord to his discussion (agree/disagree) using templates from Graff.  






Journal 11


-Read Chief Seattle "Letter to President Pierce" 648-650. Read McKibben "The Environmental Result from Hell" 666-669. precede some precursive examination on environmental subject-matters, choice one (or a few) that share you and unreservedtranscribe (300 tone or so). What is the result? Could it be easy for a 6-8 pp essay? Why does it share you? What could be implicit solutions?


Journal 12


-Read Carson "The Obligation to Endure" 669-675. Watch Youtube video on Carson. Set-out examinationing your subject-matter primarily on the internet. Find one influential and one pliant spring. Cite each in either MLA or APA fashion. Then Summarize twain trivially, and clear-up why they are influential or pliant.


Journal 13


            -Read Handout “Banana plantations tyro essay”. Read the tyro essay on Banana plantations (handout or adapted on Bb). It chiefly presents a amount. In the quittance, ultimately, the parent does get a few suggestions. For this life (250+ tone), transcribe a counterdiscussion challenging some of her suggestions and offering one or two rectify alternatives to solving the result. You can use your own subjects or precede some trivial examination.