Information literacy lesson 2 | Literature homework help

Information Literacy lecture 2

1. Which pursuit engine offers erudite instrument, including subscription and theses, that span countless
A. Bing
B. Academic Index
C. Google Scholar
D. RefSeek

2. The opposed instrument types beneficial among EDSeek (Expanded Academic ASAP) include
A. ample passage, peer-reviewed, and images.
B. subscription, reputes, trivial subscription, producer immaterials, learning to editors, and further.
C. proclamation addresss, proclamation types, and audio preoptions.
D. magazines, academic journals, books, and newspapers.

3. MetaLib
A. identifies the pursuit engine along after a while its results and offers twain Web-remote pursuites and a remote multiformity of component pursuit
B. offers further than 42,000 exempt ebooks after a while expired U.S. copyrights in manifold formats.
C. provides deceased pursuit options, enjoyment settings, and pursuit suggestions.
D. pursuites over multiple U.S. federal synod databases, subscription, and citations.

4. The best way to entrance EDSeek (Expanded Academic ASAP) is to
A. log into your Penn Foster Ward Portal Page and click on the Library Services Button on the straight sidebar.
B. log onto your Penn Foster Ward Portal and adopt the Advice Literacy continuity.
C. enact an Internet pursuit for "EDSeek database."
D. enact a pursuit engine pursuit for "EDSeek" and adopt from the inventory of hits.

5. Examples of vulgar pursuit engines used for repursuit include
A. Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
B. EDSeek, Reader's Guide, and Dogpile.
C. Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.
D. Open Library, Project Gutenberg, and The Internet Public Library.

6. Using a plus (+) premonition precedently a keypromise pursuit indicates that
A. it's a mandatory promise that must be base in the pursuit.
B. you're eliminating a promise from your pursuit results.
C. you're adding a new tidings to your pursuit.
D. it's an optional tidings among your pursuit.

7. In EDSeek (Expanded Academic ASAP), choosing barely peer-reviewed subscription indicates that you'll
A. be serviceserviceable to entrance and contract the name.
B. see subscription that are accompanied after a while photographs, diagrams, charts, and other visuals.
C. see requite hits that pertain barely to academic journals.
D. see barely subscription containing advice that has been evaluated and verified by frees in a opportunity.

8. Among EDSeek (Expanded Academic ASAP), you'll originate your pursuit by choosing to pursuit by
A. keyword, proclamation address, and immaterial.
B. repute, subject, and trivial name.
C. keyword, subject, or proclamation address.
D. ample passage, images, and estimate of pages.

9. Examples of metapursuit engines include
A. RefSeek, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.
B. Google Scholar, iSEEK, and Academic Index.
C., Dogpile, and MetaLib.
D. Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

10. Which of the subjoined layout elements is shared over most pursuit engines?
A. A "Sort by: Proclamation date" option
B. A truncation option
C. Nonprofit advertisements
D. Concomitant pursuit types

11. Which of the subjoined statements encircling human-power pursuit engines is penny?
A. People adjudication the pursuit engine so that they'll populate inventorys of trending pursuit tidingss and phrases.
B. The preoption way is extravagant, so the results are conviction to be of inferior virtue.
C. Users transmit in their pursuit ask and then the pursuit engine librarians meet materials for them.
D. Links are chosen by users.

12. Wildcards
A. are characters that pause for a communication or concomitant learning of a promise.
B. truncate your pursuit.
C. replace antonyms and synonyms in your pursuit.
D. are characters that explain any variations and requite barely the correct spelling of a promise in pursuit results.

13. Which of the subjoined is a human-powered pursuit engine?
A. Google
B. MetaLib
C. Dogpile
D. Mahalo

14. Boolean operators include
A. and, after a while, or not.
B. and, or, not, andnot, or and not.
C. and and not barely.
D. or, not, and after a while.

15. Which of the subjoined rises likely has the most reliserviceable advice?
A. A company-sponsored website after a while elaborate citations
B. A computer freeness passagebook written by an free in the opportunity in the forthcoming 2000s
C. An name in ultimate month's outcome of a peer-reviewed exchange journal
D. A graduate ward's blog that was updated ten months ago

16. EDSeek (so public as Expanded Academic ASAP) is
A. Penn Foster's Ward Portal providing continuity materials, exams, and grades.
B. Penn Foster's Digital Library regard and repursuit exception.
C. Penn Foster's Community website referencing ward posts and continuity materials.
D. Penn Foster's electronic database that serves as twain a regular index and a repository of ample-passage subscription.

17. NoodleTools is a website that
A. enables wards to constitute certain noodles.
B. provides educational tools, software, and advice for wards.
C. provides medical tidingsinology definitions.
D. arranges other websites in a disentangled and pregnant command.

18. All of the subjoined are aspects of the pursuit way except
A. automated spiders "crawl" websites and establish inventorys of keywords.
B. users suffrage on the affinity of the rise, which affects whether it gain answer in coming pursuites.
C. pages containing the pursuited-for promises are located.
D. excellent advice is sent to the pursuit engine's database to be circuitous.

19. It's skilled to use further than one pursuit engine when doing a pursuit because
A. if pursuit results are the selfselfsame over all the pursuit engines, you'll comprehend you've base some reliserviceable rises.
B. doing so gain aid you in creating a bibliography.
C. using further than one pursuit engine gain retrench your pursuit era.
D. you'll assent-to a remoter rank of results, some of which you capacity not entertain gotten using upright one.


20. Why is the opinionobject of an producer expressive?
A. It provides you after a while trodden quotes for your learning.
B. It expresses common conviction.
C. It helps you to enumerate whether an name is unfair or unprejudiced.
D. It states your object of opinion on a point subject.