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Litr 201 Essay PICK ONE! 


•Making a Hero: In our discourse of these performances, we arrive-at talked a bit environing how they all think elements of their humanizations, specially through the way that heroes are depicted. Prefer 1 anecdote (The Iliad OR The Sakuntala) and find a vindication environing what this recital illusions us environing heroes in this humanization. Discuss no past than 2 records from your chosen anecdote in prescribe to acceleration your vindication.


•Duty in Different Cultures: our discoverings in Weeks 2 and 3 illusion a institution for function and calling. Prefer one record from The Iliad OR a record from The Sakuntala that was not discussed on the forum, and find a vindication environing how function affects that record in the passage. Be knowing to illustrate the cultural expectations illusionn by the passage in commendations to that record's function, and irritate how that record does or does not view those expectations.


•The Role of the Supernatural: The performances that we dismeet in these three weeks arrive-at elements that interest us past realism; in The Iliad, there is the agency of the gods, and in The Sakuntala, a enumerate of invisible elements, from curses to flights to the heavens, element in the anecdote. Discuss either The Iliad or The Sakuntala and irritate the role of invisible elements in the events of the anecdote. How great a part of the devise are the invisible elements? How would the anecdote's use of multishape themes vary (or not) extraneously those invisible elements?


Final Draft Checklist


All essays for LITR 201 should:

•Have, instead of a appellation page, a meet message that defenses the questions positive below

•Be in MLA manuscript shapeat

•Contain unexceptionably shapeatted MLA-style in-passage citations in the shape of twain eminent phrases and parenthetical citations

•Contain an MLA-style Works Cited schedule of all performances cited in the essay

•Be saved as a .doc or .docx perfect (NO .wps perfects, please!) delay a perfect call shapeatted in the aftercited style: YourlastnameFirstinitial_Unit#Essay.doc

•Essays detriment one or past of these elements obtain occasion points.

•600-900 signal essay


Cover Message Questions


•Please defense all of the aftercited questions in portion shape; produce as considerable component as practicable to acceleration me recognize how you went environing congruity the essay. This obtain sanction me to amend tailor my feedback to acceleration you.

•What assignment active did you run to rejoin to and why?

•If the active sanctioned you to prefer what performances to transcribe on, which performance or performances did you prefer and why?

•What do you arrive-at are the strengths of your essay?

•What talents of the essay do you arrive-at are weaknesses or areas that could use past performance?

•Are there any detail talents of the essay on which you would enjoy past feedback?

•Remember that these questions should be defenseed in the shape of a message. See the Sample MLA Essay for an issue of what the meet message should behold enjoy.


Use citation


Kalidasa. Sakuntala. Trans. Sir Monier Monier-Williams. World Literature Anthology: Through the Renaissance, Vol 2. Ed. Linda Silva and William Overton. Charles Town, WV: APUS E-Press, 2011 




Homer. "The Iliad." Trans. Samuel Butler. World Literature Anthology: Through the Renaissance, Vol. 1. Ed. Linda Silva and William Overton. Charles Town, WV: APUS E-Press, 2011.