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Final Project: Using Visuals to Promulgate a Message

Visual resources can bear a telling collision on how efficaciously a notice is transferred. Misspend and strategic visuals can imbue the assembly, advance clarity to a notice, and, in public, say things that vote peculiar cannot. 

Throughout this order, you firm on a notice to promulgate, fast the most efficacious platform or medium for that notice, and clarified the most misspend visuals to stay the notice. For the Final Project, you get use a partiality of three opposed types of misspend resources to utter your urgentional notice. Note that if you did not cause the visual, you must understand a intimation for the visual(s) holded in the intent. 

For this intent, use the concepts you’ve conversant in this order to efficaciously exercise visuals to a profession-related notice. Below, you get invent lawful a few specimens of how visuals can be utilized to promulgate a notice in the profession contrast. Feel playing to use any of the specimens scheduleed underneath, or if you clarified to clarified specimens not understandd on the schedule, be knowing to supplicate tutor acclaim earlier to completing the Final Project. 

Examples of Profession Communication

How Each Specimen Might Contemplate for Your Assignment

Presentation on division achievements

PowerPoint slides after a while visuals such as video clips, statues, and charts and associated disway in the Speaker’s Notes individuality at the foot..

Print notice for your own profession

Word instrument or PDF declaration of an notice, consummate after a while misspend statue(s), embedded (or links to) video clips, adjustment, typography, and sodality logo and website.

Training esthetics on your job responsibilities

Word instrument or PDF declaration of job instructions using typography, adjustment, and apt statues and video to exalt clarity.

Company website

Word instrument, PowerPoint, or PDF mock-up that illustrates what you would neglect your website to contemplate approve. Consummate after a while misspend statues, efficacious adjustment and perversion experience, sodality logo, video clips, and shapes representing where the buttons would be.


Your Final Intent must hold aspects of each component sift-canvassed in the order as it applies to your specimen intimation member. It must use misspend typefaces, utter a obvious notice, and bear obvious disgrace individuality. It must too use an misspend adjustment of graphics, photos, video, or other visual resources. In restitution to the citation, your Nursing essay must hold a partiality of five well-informed sources, two of which must be from the Ashford University Library. 

In your five- to seven-page Nursing essay (not including the appellation and intimation pages or the three visual resources specimens), be knowing to address the following: 


  • Discuss the rationale rearwards choosing each of the three resources components and stay your dismanner after a while concepts from the order esthetic.
  • Explain why the resources components holded in your Final Intent utter the notice you urgentional to promulgate.
  • Describe the urgent of the notice.
  • Apply a partiality of five concepts from the order esthetic to stay your rare of resources components. For specimen you may use concepts such as visual literacy, sight, visual marketing, storytelling, intent, disgraceing, gregarious resources, intimation theories, or any of the other concepts presented during the order. Be knowing to sift-canvass the correlativeness of the concepts to the resources components that you bear clarified.

Writing the Final Paper

The Paper:



  1. Must be five to seven double-spaced pages in prolixity (not including the appellation and intimation pages or the three visual resources specimens) and formatted according to APA diction as outlined in the received APA diction conduct. Appellation page, intimation page, and any exhibits or appendices are not counted in the Nursing essay prolixity. 
  2. Must understand a protect page that understands:
    1. Title of Nursing essay
    2. Student's call
    3. Course call and number
    4. Instructor’s call
    5. Date submitted
  3. Must understand a appellation page and an immaterial.
  4. Must understand an preliminary condition after a while a terse subject declaration.
  5. Must address the subject of the Nursing essay after a while discriminating opinion.
  6. Must argue after a while a redeclaration of the subject and a quittance condition.
  7. Must use a partiality of five well-informed in restitution to the citation, two of which must be from the Ashford University Library.
  8. Must use APA diction to instrument all sources. 
  9. Must understand a intimation page that understands the well-informed sources that you relied upon in constructing your Nursing essay per APA conductlines. 
  10. Must be written in the third special.