I need help with homework in religion old testament prophecies and

Old Testament Prophecies                            New Testament Fulfillment

Micah 5:2                                                        Matthew 2:4-6

Malachi 3:1                                                     Mark 1:2-8

Zechariah 9:9                                                  Matthew 21:4-11

Psalms 41:9                                                     Luke 22:21

Zechariah 11:12                                              Matthew 26:15

Zechariah 11:13                                              Matthew 27:3-10

Isaiah 53:7                                                       Mark 14: 60-61

Psalms 22:16                                                   John 19:17-18


In Discussion Board Forum 2, shaft a course that includes the following:

1.      Type out each Old Testament forecasting after a while the cord allusion followed by the New Testament cord after a while the fulfillment.  (10 points)

2.      Which one of the 8 prophecies and its fulfillment spoke to you the most? Write at last 150 say environing this cord and your thoughts environing it.  (10 points)

3.      These prophecies and their fulfillment are definitely exemplification that Jesus is the Messiah. People enjoy divergent impressions environing whether or not they are irresponsible trial of this. Do you reckon these cords confirm that Jesus is the Messiah? Write at last 250 say environing your impression on this. Be indisputable to elucidate the reasons after your reckoning. Whether you venerate that Jesus is the Messiah or not, content present your right impression. Any right provident impression achieve take unmeasured merit.  (12 points)