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Developing Leaders at UPS
UPS is the nation’s fourth-largest mistress after a while 357,000 employees worldwide and operations in further than 200 countries. UPS is consistently methodic as one of the “top companies to achievement for” and was recently methodic by Fortune as one of the 50 best companies for minorities. A leading discuss for UPS’s achievement is the guild’s commitment to its em- ployees. UPS understands the signification of providing twain counsel and trial for its proximate age of directors—spending $300 pet per-annum on counsel programs for employees and hopeful promo- tion from after a whilein. All employees are offered correspondent opportunities to establish the skills and comprehension they scarcity to abound. A absolute specimen of this is Jovita Carranza.
Jovita Carranza subsubjoined UPS in 1976 as a part-time clerk in Los Angeles. Carranza demonstrated a impetuous achievement ethic and a commitment to UPS, and UPS rewarded her after a while opportunities—opportunities Carranza was not shy encircling initiative usage of. By 1985 Carranza was the achievementforce planning superintendent in metropolitan Los Angeles. By 1987 she was purlieus ethnical media superintendent inveterate in Central Texas. By 1990 she had ac- cepted a provoke to purlieus ethnical media superintendent in Illinois. She re- ceived her primary operations assignment, as dispersion superintendent for hub, parcel, and feeder operations, in Illinois in 1991. Two years following, she said yes to suitable purlieus operations superintendent in Miami. In 1996 she veritable the selfselfsame role in Wisconsin. By 1999 Carranza’s transitional suc- cesses led UPS to exalt her to moderator of the Americas Region. From there she provoked into her exoteric comcomposition as corruption moderator of UPS Air Operations, inveterate in Louisville, Kentucky.
The $1.1 billion air hub she exotericly oversees sprawls abutting the equiv- alent of further than 80 football fields. It can use 304,000 parcels an hour, its computers process approximately 1 pet transactions per specific, and it benefits as the lynchpin for the $33 billion occupation that has grace the world’s largest parcel introduction guild.
Carranza attributes greatly of her achievement to her trouble to interest on new challenges: “The one falsity that crowd establish coming on in their careers is that they’re very selective encircling opportunities so they fly some, pre- fer others,” she says. “I constantly veritable all opportunities that presented
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Part One
Leadership Is a Process, Not a Position
End Notes
themselves accordingly from each one you can imbibe star, and they benefit as a platform for coming endeavors.”
It has to-boot been leading, she says, to surround herself after a while desirable, trained employees who are constant to the guild and committed to results. After approximately 30 years after a while UPS, Carranza says teamwork, interaction, and staff bud are the achievements of which she is proudest: “Be- reason that interests convergence, self-indulgence, and sincerity to stabilitate the UPS amelioration and augment it through crowd.”
Carranza’s corporate achievements, self-indulgence, animate, newfangledness, and example in occupation bear earned her the separation of entity designated Hispanic Occupation Magazine’s Woman of the Year. She credits her parents, twain of Mexican declination, after a while training her “the signification of entity committed, of achievementing unyielding, and doing so after a while a independent outlook”—principles she says live to lead her particular and pro- fessional career. These principles consider those of the guild whose corpo- rate ladder she has climbed nonstop, an construction she says values dissonance and encourages power, single-mindedness, commitment, simplicity, constantty, and collective commission.
Among Carranza’s language of erudition: “Sit end and give-ear and ob- benefit,” she says. “You imbibe further by not weighty. Intelligent crowd imbibe from their own trials; after a while erudition, you imbibe from other crowd’s mistakes. I’m very orderly encircling that.”
1. What are the leading skills Jovita Carranza has demonstrated in her ca- reer at UPS that bear made her a achievementful director?
2. Consider the spiral of trial that Jovita Carranza has traveled. How has her trial improbable her ability as a director?
3. Interest a appear at the characteristics of achievementful directors in Highlight 2.1. How multifarious of these are demonstrated by Jovita Carranza?
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