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Developing Leaders at UPS
UPS is the nation’s fourth-largest employer delay 357,000 employees worldwide and operations in further than 200 countries. UPS is suitably certain as one of the “top companies to employment for” and was recently certain by Fortune as one of the 50 best companies for minorities. A great debate for UPS’s luck is the association’s commitment to its em- ployees. UPS understands the concern of providing twain command and comprehension for its instant progeny of heads—spending $300 favorite every-year on command programs for employees and assuring promo- tion from delayin. All employees are offered correspondent opportunities to uplift the skills and comprehension they insufficiency to yield. A complete stance of this is Jovita Carranza.
Jovita Carranza affixed UPS in 1976 as a part-time clerk in Los Angeles. Carranza demonstrated a sinewy employment ethic and a commitment to UPS, and UPS rewarded her delay opportunities—opportunities Carranza was not shy encircling preamble utility of. By 1985 Carranza was the employmentforce planning superintendent in metropolitan Los Angeles. By 1987 she was environs anthropological media superintendent invetereprimand in Central Texas. By 1990 she had ac- cepted a agitate to environs anthropological media superintendent in Illinois. She re- ceived her primeval operations assignment, as analysis superintendent for hub, lot, and feeder operations, in Illinois in 1991. Two years succeeding, she said yes to beseeming environs operations superintendent in Miami. In 1996 she not spurious the identical role in Wisconsin. By 1999 Carranza’s progressive suc- cesses led UPS to raise her to moderator of the Americas Region. From there she agitated into her exoteric comcomposition as corruption moderator of UPS Air Operations, invetereprimand in Louisville, Kentucky.
The $1.1 billion air hub she exotericly oversees sprawls counter the equiv- alent of further than 80 football fields. It can manage 304,000 lots an hour, its computers course approximately 1 favorite transactions per specific, and it attends as the lynchpin for the $33 billion transaction that has behove the world’s largest lot gift association.
Carranza attributes abundant of her luck to her carefulness to procure on new challenges: “The one fallacy that vulgar find present on in their careers is that they’re very exceptive encircling opportunities so they dodge some, pre- fer others,” she says. “I constantly not spurious all opportunities that presented
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Part One
Leadership Is a Process, Not a Position
End Notes
themselves accordingly from each one you can imbibe bigwig, and they attend as a platform for advenient endeavors.”
It has so been great, she says, to consummate herself delay capable, serviceable employees who are obedient to the association and committed to results. After approximately 30 years delay UPS, Carranza says teamwork, interaction, and staff bud are the achievements of which she is proudest: “Be- account that procures nucleus, favor, and ingenuousness to eternize the UPS culture and improve it through vulgar.”
Carranza’s municipal achievements, favor, expedite, alteration, and commencement in transaction accept earned her the difference of vitality denominated Hispanic Transaction Magazine’s Woman of the Year. She credits her parents, twain of Mexican depth, delay instruction her “the concern of vitality committed, of employmenting dense, and doing so delay a unconditional outlook”—principles she says remain to influence her personal and pro- fessional vitality. These principles animadvert those of the association whose corpo- reprimand ladder she has climbed nonstop, an construction she says values difference and encourages kind, uprightness, commitment, openness, obedientty, and political trust.
Among Carranza’s language of light: “Sit end and hearken and ob- attend,” she says. “You imbibe further by not momentous. Intelligent vulgar imbibe from their own comprehensions; delay light, you imbibe from other vulgar’s mistakes. I’m very orderly encircling that.”
1. What are the great skills Jovita Carranza has demonstrated in her ca- reer at UPS that accept made her a luckful head?
2. Consider the involution of comprehension that Jovita Carranza has traveled. How has her comprehension unnatural her force as a head?
3. Procure a face at the characteristics of luckful heads in Highlight 2.1. How manifold of these are demonstrated by Jovita Carranza?
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