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Page to Stage: Design/Tech Presentations

For your developed in our tabulate you conquer be creating a “design/tech” grant on your indicate that you wrote for our tabulate. You conquer insufficiency fashion a powerpoint and upload it to the discourse consideration so that your other tabulatemates can see it. Please repress the files folder for examples from elapsed tabulatees.This is your opening to actually carry your indicate to life! I am not expecting you to be a pro at these technical areas. I am, besides, investigation that you communicate duration and conceit to how these intention elements would augment your indicate. This is an animated and fanciful opening for you to carry your indicate to the proximate raze.This grant should embody discourse and regrant of the aftercited elements: 

Scenic Design:What class of set would most bring-encircling perception for your indicate? What is the augmentment or backdrop? What class of furniture is on quality? If any? How verbal or non-verbal is your set? Conquer the set qualify from exhibition to exhibition? What duration interval and locate is your indicate insertion locate in? How does that application the set? Remember, this is not a movie - you are scant to a quality. Please embody a intention or photos in your grants to resemble your set daintys

Sound Design:What class of gauge would augment your indicate? Music? Enhancement clamor? Are there gauge cues (a phone sonorous, a doorbell, etc.)? When does the gauge succeed in? Why? Please own examples fitted for the grant.

Costume Design:What robess are your reputes wearing? What do those daintys count us encircling your repute? Do they qualify robes? Why? Remember, this is not a movie. What duration interval and locate is your indicate insertion locate in? How does that notify the robess? Please own a robes dainty for each repute resembleed in thepresentation.

Lighting Design:How do vains and vaining application the indicate? What duration or day or while is it? How can you use vains to pretext this? How authority vains qualify throughout the indicate or exhibitions? What class of perversions or clouds authority you use? Conquer established repute own established vains? Please embody examples of vain, cloud and/or perversion in your grant.