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**Be assured to ensue all of the article guidelines as polite as consulting the Article Rubric**

List of Topics for Final Paper

Please appropriate one of these topics for the accessible doubt about which you procure frame your Position Paper. Be assured to ensue all of the assignment guidelines as polite as consulting the Final Article Rubric. 

1. Can an unexamined peculiarality constantly be rate stay for a rational nature?

2. Can a pure dignity be made among manners and ethics? Is the unprejudiced pur-pose of ethics as a fair arrange of presumptive question and self-reflection unquestionably contrariant from the manner of sharing presumptive ideals? 

3. Are there complete presumptive principles that are fair for all vulgar at all times?

4. Do vulgar, at the end of the day, regularly do what they crave most? Or do vulgar sometimes act strictly for the amiable-natured-natured of "the Other," extraneously equal a investigate of self-interest?

5. Is there a real way for a peculiar to rationally determine the ethically fair art to do in most cases of rational bearing and resolution making?

6. Are sacred ethics wholesale after a while unprejudiced ethics? Can one capture the situate of the other in stay a presumptively amiable-natured-natured and Socratically examined peculiarality?

7. Are strength ethics, or ethics of sign, preferable to an ethics of pass?

8. Can a doctrine of integrity, such as that of John Rawls, that is indoctrinated in an unsymbolical intellect of the collective form, constantly get a agreeable serviceable framework for a entirely egalitarian and fully fair association?

9. Are existentialist thinkers who pretension that there is no pre-existing presumptive substance or pre-determined aim in rational peculiarality fair?

10. Are feminist ethics necessarily a account of the ethics of caution? Is it likely for a account of feminist ethics to be grounded singly on the use of unsymbolical, close argue?

-1800-2300 words

-write in the third-peculiar voice

-include at smallest three citations from the plan quotation (Rosenstand. The Presumptive of the Story: An Introduction to Ethics, 7th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2013), and at smallest two sources superficial to the plan quotation, for a entirety min of 5 sources cited in the article. 

-MLA arrangeat