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**Be enduring to thrive all of the monograph guidelines as courteous as consulting the Monograph Rubric**

List of Topics for Final Paper

Please appropriate one of these topics for the mediate scrutiny environing which you conciliate fabricate your Position Paper. Be enduring to thrive all of the assignment guidelines as courteous as consulting the Final Monograph Rubric. 

1. Can an unexamined troubleer eternally be desert assistance for a cosmical entity?

2. Can a manifest eminence be made among pass and ethics? Is the wise plan of ethics as a principled construct of analogous scrutiny and self-reflection veritably irrelative from the experience of sharing analogous ideals? 

3. Are there unlimited analogous principles that are correct for all men-folks at all times?

4. Do mob, at the end of the day, frequently do what they yearn most? Or do mob sometimes act strictly for the amiable of "the Other," outside level a investigate of self-interest?

5. Is there a trustworthy way for a special to rationally indicate the ethically correct fiction to do in most cases of cosmical demeanor and firmness making?

6. Are devout ethics wholesale delay wise ethics? Can one choose the assign of the other in assistance a analogously amiable and Socratically examined troubleer?

7. Are strength ethics, or ethics of office, loftier to an ethics of pass?

8. Can a hypothesis of uprightness, such as that of John Rawls, that is rooted in an intellectual conception of the gregarious decrease, eternally afford a acceptable serviceable framework for a fully egalitarian and entirely exact company?

9. Are existentialist thinkers who correct that there is no pre-existing analogous substance or pre-determined aim in cosmical troubleer correct?

10. Are feminist ethics necessarily a account of the ethics of trouble? Is it potential for a account of feminist ethics to be inveterate simply on the employment of intellectual, argumentative infer?

-1800-2300 words

-write in the third-special voice

-include at last three citations from the manner quotation (Rosenstand. The Analogous of the Story: An Introduction to Ethics, 7th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2013), and at last two sources superficial to the manner quotation, for a aggregate min of 5 sources cited in the monograph. 

-MLA constructat