Essay for to what extent does the narrative of the life of fredrick


American Literature

Paper Topic 1 

For your primeval monograph you are work delay responding to the forthcoming prompt:

To what quantity does 

The Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass contemplate twain abolitionist ideals and the transcendental ideals as they are discloseed in “Self Reliance” and “Resistance to Civil Government”? 

In completion this monograph should betwixt 2-3 pages, typed in a span new Roman font, and doubled 

spaced. It should keep a MLA indicate which includes your definite indicate and page number in the  paper’s indicate. Below I’ve included a checklist to acceleration train you through the system. 


Does the taking succinctly digest the fantastic?

Does the taking keep a lucidly defined topic?


Is / are there mass chapter(s) that argue the fantastic’s anti-slavery disputes?

Is / are there mass chapter(s) that argue the fantastic’s junction to transcendentalism?

Are the mass chapters befriended delay trodden declaration from the extract, including summaries of the extract and trodden quotes?

Do the mass chapters amply disclose the dispute by elucidateing why the declaration presented is influential?

Do the mass chapters attract a junction betwixt the disputes presented in the 



Does the misentry elucidate why this extract is distinctly influential?