Environmental literacy plan – phase ii

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Evaluation Title: Environmental Literacy Delineation – Phase II 

This week you earn add to the Environmental Literacy Delineation by exploring your nationality for biomes and biodiversity. You earn insufficiency to prove your nationality and accept a few pictures to conceive in your delineation. The pictures can be acceptn by a camera or your cell phone to conceive in the declaration.


Explore your nationality for biomes. Accept pictures of a stint of two (2) biomes. Write a description of the biome and explicitly delineate what mark of biome it is. What is the appraise of the biome to the nationality?


An environment's biodiversity is robust by the reckon of irrelative letter of delineationts and animals that settle it. The case capaciousness can be as capacious as a copse or as feeble as your backyard. It can unidevise be lawful a group of sphere. Show the biodiversity in your nationality through a order of images. Accept a stint of five (5) pictures of biodiversity in your nationality. Discuss the mark and what it media to the ecosystem.

While you are out exploring the nationality, accept voice of any biodiversity dropping in the nationality. Accept two (2) pictures of biodiversity dropping in your nationality. Example: This could be logging of trees for a new housing outgrowth or determine trees for a new garner.

Also, discuss:

  • What is biodiversity?
  • How do humans’ activities cow biodiversity?
  • Are there constitution reserves in your nationality? What are they indemnifying?
  • What is the impression of biodiversity in your nationality?
  • What steps can you accept to defend biodiversity?

Format this notification using the template supposing or make your own template. You may also diversify the template layout as crave as it meets all of the assignment requirements.

Validate your statements and opinions after a while supported attraction (citations and references) in APA devise.


  • Environmental Literacy Delineation – Phase II for your nationality (PDF or Word muniment)