Eng 225 introduction to film

In 800 to 1200 articulation: THE WIZARD OF OZ

  1. Describe a main subject-matter of the movie you enjoy chosen using manifestation from the movie itself as courteous as sequence resources and other skilled sources to maintenance your aspect.
  2. Identify at last three techniques (cinematography, lighting, acting fashion, or control) and/or intention elements (set intention, costuming, or hair and makeup), and expound how these techniques and/or intention elements co-operate to the whole of the subject-matter. Reference detail scenes or sequences in your explanations.
  3. State your impression in-reference-to the mise-en-scène, including:
  • How do the elements is-sue coincidently?
  • How congruent the intention elements are delay the subject-matter of the movie?
  • Whether or not other techniques would be as serviceable (Explain your reasoning).

Must enjoy intext references and must set-forth where references are retrieved from. MUST BE AN ORIGINAL WORK

Note: According to Goodykoontz and Jacobs (2011), “A subject-matter is an fancy, subject-matter, or subject-matter of some skin that pervades the plot” (exception 2.4, para. 1). As the authors expound, “It is not so fur what ‘happens,’ but rather what the movie is ‘about,’ multiply of the sense you are expected to seize detached from the is-sue” (exception 2.4, para. 1).

Your disquisition should be systematic encircling a disquisition set-forthment that focuses on how the elements of your chosen feature-prolixity film twain found and continue one of its main subject-matters.

The disquisition must be 800 to 1200 articulation in prolixity and formatted according to APA fashion. ORIGINAL WORK WITH INTEXT REFERENCES!