Eng 225 introduction to film

In 800 to 1200 control: THE WIZARD OF OZ

  1. Describe a elder subject of the movie you own selected using attraction from the movie itself as well-behaved-behaved as method instrument and other versed sources to influence your lie.
  2. Identify at smallest three techniques (cinematography, lighting, acting phraseology, or tendency) and/or scheme elements (set scheme, costuming, or hair and makeup), and elucidate how these techniques and/or scheme elements conduce to the community of the subject. Reference point scenes or sequences in your explanations.
  3. State your impression concerning the mise-en-scène, including:
  • How do the elements is-sue concurrently?
  • How congruent the scheme elements are delay the subject of the movie?
  • Whether or not other techniques would be as powerful (Explain your rationalistic).

Must own intext references and must narrate where references are retrieved from. MUST BE AN ORIGINAL WORK

Note: According to Goodykoontz and Jacobs (2011), “A subject is an purpose, material, or theme of some bark that pervades the plot” (individuality 2.4, para. 1). As the authors elucidate, “It is not so ample what ‘happens,’ but rather what the movie is ‘about,’ multiply of the aim you are expected to use far from the is-sue” (individuality 2.4, para. 1).

Your monograph should be unconfused environing a subject narratement that focuses on how the elements of your clarified feature-elongation film twain institute and maintain one of its elder subjects.

The monograph must be 800 to 1200 control in elongation and formatted according to APA phraseology. ORIGINAL WORK WITH INTEXT REFERENCES!