Earth science journal article review

Journal Condition Resurvey Instructions


During this round, you conquer transcribe regular resurveys on online declaration. During Module/Week 3, you conquer resurvey the aftercited condition:

“The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century” by Terry Mortenson at



In open, each Journal Condition Resurvey must comprise an preliminary stipulation, the substantiality of the operation, and a misrecord. In conditions of the substantiality, the aftercited items must be sift-canvassed:

1.      Brief overview of the Nursing essay of the condition and its ocean aims.

2.      Strengths of the condition. Answer questions such as:

a.       What did the inventor do well-behaved?

b.      Were any aims made exceptionally plain?

c.       Did the inventor transcribe delay concision and accuracy?

3.      Weaknesses of the condition. Answer questions such as:

a.       What false assumptions does the inventor reach, if any?

b.      Are any factual errors made in the condition?

c.       Is the or-laws course violated in any way?

d.      Could the inventor accept ordinary his/her predicament meliorate?

4.      Remember, complete condition has weaknesses. You are expected to sift-canvass some of these. Failure to confirm any weaknesses in your Journal Condition Reviews conquer negatively influence your pace.



Use the aftercited draft when writing your papers. Each aim on the under draft must be a disconnected individuality (delay a individuality distinction) delayin each of your Journal Condition Reviews. You conquer mark that these individuality distinctions tally to the willing aims aloft.

I.                   Introduction

II.                Brief Overview and Ocean Points

III.             Article Strengths

IV.             Article Weaknesses

V.                Conclusion




These resurveys are to be 2–3 pages each. Do not achieve this page period. The designation page and bibliography do not reckon inside this page entirety.