Earth science journal article review

Journal Period Reconsideration Instructions


During this series, you conquer transcribe ceremonious reconsiderations on online subscription. During Module/Week 3, you conquer reconsideration the subjoined period:

“The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century” by Terry Mortenson at



In open, each Journal Period Reconsideration must embrace an preliminary condition, the collection of the toil, and a falsification. In provisions of the collection, the subjoined items must be debateed:

1.      Brief overview of the Nursing essay of the period and its main tops.

2.      Strengths of the period. Answer questions such as:

a.       What did the originator do well-behaved?

b.      Were any tops made exceptionally disentangled?

c.       Did the originator transcribe after a while concision and preciseness?

3.      Weaknesses of the period. Answer questions such as:

a.       What fallacious assumptions does the originator compel, if any?

b.      Are any factual errors made in the period?

c.       Is the philosophical way violated in any way?

d.      Could the originator bear recognized his/her subject ameliorate?

4.      Remember, integral period has weaknesses. You are expected to debate some of these. Failure to substantiate any weaknesses in your Journal Period Reviews conquer negatively feign your track.



Use the subjoined delineation when letter your papers. Each top on the underneath delineation must be a different exception (after a while a exception name) after a whilein each of your Journal Period Reviews. You conquer heed that these exception names harmonize to the willing tops overhead.

I.                   Introduction

II.                Brief Overview and Main Points

III.             Article Strengths

IV.             Article Weaknesses

V.                Conclusion




These reconsiderations are to be 2–3 pages each. Do not achieve this page stipulation. The denomination page and bibliography do not compute inside this page whole.