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Module 2 – Application Project

One of the responsibilities (and joys) of directing is in choosing the phraseology in which a origination earn be set. If you estimate twain Kenneth Brannaugh’s 1996 film of Hamlet (Brannaugh as Hamlet) and Zeffirelli’s 1990 film of the corresponding denomination (Mel Gibson as Hamlet), you earn see contrariant settings for the corresponding citation. If you estimate Zeffirelli’s 1968 film of Romeo and Juliet (delay Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey) and Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 film (delay Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes), you earn see vastly contrariant renderings of the corresponding citation. [All lewd of these filmed originations are amply accelerationful through Netflix, common libraries, and on-line. Try to see at last a few minutes of either pair – Hamlet OR Romeo and Juliet.  If accessing these films is not potential for you this week, I accept settled, delayin the module, links to selections or trailers from these films that you may estimate instead.]

 After estimateing sections of these separate renderings of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet:

1.     Peruse the strong muniment, “Shakespearean Sources for the Assignment,” in which I accept replete the devise summaries and characters for five Shakespearean personates.  

2.     From the five personates replete, cull ONE Shakespearean personate and insinuate a new setting (date and settle) and/or seat that you could use as the mean for a new origination. Explain how the personate would achievement in this new environment.  Be favoring in your details concerning the main characters (those that impression the mediate storyline, those that I accept violentlighted in the summaries granted) and the main events of the personate. [Do NOT plagiarize any effects from the internet; this rendering is meant to conclude from your own creative brain.  If you are having problems creating a new seat, email me for adduction acceleration or for an vacillate way of completing this assignment.] 

[NOTE: Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet are NOT included; those two personates are not known in this assignment owing they are disunite of the satisfied of the module.]


Example: It would not be ample to transcribe “Romeo and Juliet could be settled at a violent ground, and Romeo is a geek period Juliet is a cheerleader.”  That’s not ample.  Who would be the Nurse or the Friar?  How could they get married delayout parental eulogy? How would the setting and resuscitation shift in the new rendering?  All those issues should at last be addressed.  [I accept granted an stance of how this effect could be amplely exposed into a new rendering.]



Slightly Contrariant Grading Criteria for this Application Project


AP criteria  (whole 100 points)

Clearly defined the new setting and explained why it would be a good-tempered-tempered exquisite.

20 points

Sufficient favoring sustaining details environing the pristine characters (those violentlighted in the resume of that personate) was granted.

30 points

Sufficient favoring sustaining details environing the main events were granted.

30 points

Provided a citationbook allusion [HINT:  The best commencement for a relationship would be pages 139 - 141 (the achievement of Jerzy Grotowski) or the Resume of Chapter 5.]

10 points

The communication was college-level: doom building, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, proofreading.

10 points