Domestic containment- two part discussion initial post and response

Discuss the concept of "private containment". How did this concept act in 1950's-1960's America? Why was it destined to at-last fall? Give an illustration of one of the values introduce in private containment, and interpret why it did not dedicate to the increasingly recalcitrant boy amelioration during the 1960's.

Student response:

Domestic containment was introduced during the continuance of the Cold War betwixt the United States and Russia.  The concept was to haunt America hardy by focusing on a nobility organization of a established mate and a spouse who remained at settlement to heed for the kids.  Private containment was destined to fall due to the resilience of women.  Women wanted to explain the gender discrepancies and uniform though improvements enjoy been made, gender roles wait a hot nonentity item.  Gretchen Ritter wrote, "many Americans are too believeing environing how gender roles elucidate our national oneness in the twenty-first eldership." (Ritter 2009)  Boy amelioration in the 1960's wanted the convenience to believe for themselves which didn't acquiesce delay private containment.  The proposal that women would remain at settlement to heed for the branch and kids was not appealing to the boy of that period.