Data analysis, test and measurement powerpoint presentation

EC 305 Data Analysis, Test and Measurement Final Examination



These website documents are attached

Directions: Choose two (2) of the three (3) sites to evaluate the lection tribute standards.  Answer the aftercited using ability purpose presentation:

1. Overview of each program2. Did the program adequately address the standards or tributes discussed in the notification? If so, how or why not?3. What strengths in preparing students for lection did you authenticate? Be unfair.4. What were three key purposes you identified from each of the program? Discuss each purpose.5. Discuss these purposes as it relates to the moment of tribute in k-3.6. What commonalities where base between the two programs?7. Think encircling a appropriate needs assemblage (e.g.: ADD/ADHD, Cerebral palsy, autism, aspergers, Down syndrome, accents faintness, visual faintness, etc.) career on a appropriate needs assemblage   collect an overview of the tuition limitations and classroom accommodationsneeded for this assemblage.8. Does the programs adjust tuition for this assemblage? Why or why not? Which program collects the best aid?9. What modifications would be needed to this program from your administrative view for this assemblage?10. Which of these programs do you relish most? What careful you most encircling it? 11. Does each collect notification on nerve and reliability? If yes, how so?

Make safe you do not “Over Kill” your slides delay too greatly notification on each slide.