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Before tallying this part's doubts, you should unravel “The Unbearable Straightness of Violence: Queering Serial Murder in True Crime,” p. 209 in Natural Born Celebrities.

Keep in choice, as you unravel, a few of the doubts supported beneath.


Online discourses achieve be graded according to the forthcoming rubric.

Full-bodied entries—of at last ten sentences of congeniality from you (in individualization to quotations from the passage)—are over slight to accept ample security. Lesser security achieve be assigned to effect that is dropping, weak, or explicitly transparent or sloppily executed such that miscues quarrel delay unravelability.

Your solutions to other students’ effect are so assessed. Students repeatedly hinder commenting on each others’ effect in solid ways; instead choosing to support barely “good job” or “looks okay to me.” This husk of compatriot solution doesn’t aid your own—or your compatriots’—development as a writer and thinker.

Acceptable compatriot solutions achieve, unarranged other things:

  • Explicitly warrant what was skilled from someone else’s effect.
  • Ask a follow-up doubt.
  • Offer an resource rendering.
  • Offer particularized strategies for correction.


Discussion supports are totald on-time; they not solely thoughtfully tally to and weld direction unravelings when divert, but they illustration unreal thinking and shape a indicative donation to compatriots’ mind of the direction subject-matters. Moreover, follow-up supports/compatriot solutions eliminate and expand the systematize colloquy, demonstrating delicate thinking. 


Discussion supports are essentially total and weld, when divert, excerpts from the direction unravelings. Initial support is made by due age, and follow-up supports/compatriot solutions buy others in continued discourse.


Discussion supports are faulty, defective, and/or advanced. Compatriot solution is bestow but mechanical, assistance trivial “back” to augment compatriots’ mind.


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No supports are made, or supports are entered succeeding the part’s discourse has ended.

Questions (Natural Born Celebrities)

Choose one doubts:

  1. On p. 209, Schmid argues that one of the ways we can plug audiences from warranting delay serial killers is to use their abused or exceptional childhood to disjoined them from our own experiences. How does this effect in Perfume? Readvanced the esthetic in Schmid's section to the film/novel we viewed in this part?
  2. On p. 221, Schmid suggests that most novels/films depict the killers as sexual deviants, but they do so in a way that implies that serial killers are somehow "not normal" in their appetites. This immediately leads to doubts of homosexuality or bisexuality as not-difficult targets. If the killers are heterosexual, their sexuality is never mentioned. How does this controversy illustrate out in Perfume?
  3. Throughout this compound section, Schmid argues that repeatedly the murderers depict a timidity or invidiousness of women as reason for their killing. How does Perfume exchange or complicate Schmid's controversy?