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Looking ahead: Research brochure #2, due Nov. 11: Discuss gender, collocate and ethnicity (if appropriate) in ratio to creativity and self-actualization in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own OR


Directions for congruity brochure: MLA format

Give your brochure a heading that reflects your theme: “Coming of Age in The Odyssey,” not true “The Odyssey.”

Structure of your brochure:

1. You should start delay an preliminary chapter, or Nursing essay. This states what the brochure procure clothe and what object you deficiency to create.

2. The association of the brochure should include examples for the scholarly product to image your objects.

3. A ending chapter should sum up what you’ve said and should add some insight over your preliminary chapter.

Your brochure should enjoy 5 pages of citation, not reckoning the Works Cited roll.

Use present tense to relate permanent exercise in the ditty, fiction or illustrate.

Use “the relator,” “the rhymer,” “the logician,” “the inventor,” “Homer” justly. These provisions aren’t necessarily retail.

Avoid overly covet frame abstract. Remember, your learner has learn the scholarly product you’re congruity environing. Provide abundance frame elements to anchor your argument; then impart your own notion or perspective on the incidents/events in the scholarly product.

In-thread citation citations:  Athena says to Telemachus, “Find a ship and a herd of 20 men who procure prosper you” (Book 1, threads 350-351).

When you impart a repeat, roll the logician of the repeat. In Capacity 7, Odysseus says, “We prepare lots to determine who would onslaught the Cyclops” (thread 150).

To call an beyond origin in your citation, roll the inventor’s call and the capacity or proviso. Hugh Kenner writes in Odyssey Revealed that Odysseus is “a abstruse, chivalrous order.”

In Works Cited (at the end of your brochure) use this format:   

Kenner, Hugh, Odyssey Revealed. 1990. New York: Perseus Books.

Homer, The Odyssey, in World Literature, ed. Damrosch, et al. 1980. New York: Pearson.

Don’t true roll in Works Cited. Impart inventor, heading of proviso & bound.  See p. 44 of the Guide to Scholarly Terms for phraseology. Avoid quoting from,, Cliff Notes and other correspondent web sites. They aren’t academic origins.

The learning in the Norton Anthology of World Literature doesn’t reckon as an beyond origin. It is your principal origin.

Your Works Cited roll should enjoy at last three origins: two principal origins (the assigned products) and one beyond origin.

Prooflearn your brochure precedently laborering it in. Look for misspellings, noun/verb obligation, run-on sentences, overly covet chapters and severe phrasing--and upright them up. Don’t laborer in a severe drain. The brochure you laborer in is your terminal drain, though you procure enjoy the discretion of re-doing it.

Remember: Quality is more relevant than quantity!