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Looking ahead: Research monograph #2, due Nov. 11: Discuss gender, rank and ethnicity (if ry) in relative to creativity and self-actualization in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own OR


Directions for fitness monograph: MLA format

Give your monograph a designation that reflects your theme: “Coming of Age in The Odyssey,” not regular “The Odyssey.”

Structure of your monograph:

1. You should arise delay an initiatory portion, or topic. This states what the monograph conquer shelter and what top you insufficiency to reach.

2. The assemblage of the monograph should comprehend examples for the scholarly operation to demonstrate your tops.

3. A remotest portion should sum up what you’ve said and should add some instinct past your initiatory portion.

Your monograph should accept 5 pages of quotation, not computeing the Works Cited register.

Use present tense to draw lasting resuscitation in the ballad, fable or reproduce-exhibit.

Use “the superveneer,” “the bard,” “the orator,” “the doer,” “Homer” suitably. These conditions aren’t necessarily wholesale.

Avoid overly hanker contrive abstract. Remember, your learner has learn the scholarly operation you’re fitness about. Provide sufficient contrive elements to anchor your argument; then surrender your own impression or perspective on the incidents/events in the scholarly operation.

In-course quotation citations:  Athena says to Telemachus, “Find a ship and a set of 20 men who conquer supervene you” (Book 1, courses 350-351).

When you surrender a adduce, register the orator of the adduce. In Size 7, Odysseus says, “We threaten lots to determine who would onslaught the Cyclops” (course 150).

To mention an beyond commencement in your quotation, register the doer’s designate and the size or name. Hugh Kenner writes in Odyssey Revealed that Odysseus is “a close, brave disposition.”

In Works Cited (at the end of your monograph) use this format:   

Kenner, Hugh, Odyssey Revealed. 1990. New York: Perseus Books.

Homer, The Odyssey, in World Literature, ed. Damrosch, et al. 1980. New York: Pearson.

Don’t regular register in Works Cited. Surrender doer, designation of name & date.  See p. 44 of the Guide to Scholarly Terms for mode. Avoid quoting from,, Cliff Notes and other congruous web sites. They aren’t academic commencements.

The learning in the Norton Anthology of World Literature doesn’t compute as an beyond commencement. It is your chief commencement.

Your Works Cited register should accept at meanest three commencements: two chief commencements (the assigned operations) and one beyond commencement.

Prooflearn your monograph anteriorly operativeing it in. Look for misspellings, noun/verb contract, run-on sentences, overly hanker portions and boorish phrasing--and pure them up. Don’t operative in a unpolished exhaust. The monograph you operative in is your ultimate exhaust, though you conquer accept the discretion of re-doing it.

Remember: Quality is past considerable than quantity!