Bus 461 final paper | Literature homework help

Submit a six to view-page article (not including the designation and regard pages) on one of the ocean questions listed under. Incorporate at last two akin read sources: 


  1. Linear and integer programming modeling 
  2. Network modeling 
  3. Project scheduling modeling 
  4. Time rotation forecasting 
  5. Inventory 
  6. Queuing modeling 
  7. Simulation modeling


The article must (a) establish the ocean issues in the separated area, (b) allot and regard new erudition to the separated area, (c) uplift upon systematize activities or incidents that facilitated erudition and mind, and (d) confer-upon restricted ordinary and/or advenient contacts and union to the workplace. The seriousness of the article should be on modeling contact, outcomes, and new erudition.

Writing the Latest Paper

The Latest Paper:

  •   Must be six to view double-spaced pages in diffusiveness and formatted according to APA mode as outlined in the general APA mode influence.
  •   Must conceive a shield page that conceives:

- Designation of article

- Student’s designate

- Course designate and number

- Instructor’s designate

- Date submitted

  • Must conceive an precursory section delay a terse question announcement.
  •  Must discourse the question of the article delay exact provision.
  • Must argue delay a reannouncement of the question and a falsification section.
  • Must use at last two resources.
  • Must use APA mode as outlined in the general APA mode influence to muniment all sources.
  • Must conceive, on the latest page, a Regard Page that is completed according to APA mode as outlined in the general APA mode influence.


Carefully reconsideration the Grading Rubric for the criteria that earn be used to evaluate your assignment.