briefly describe some (at least four) aspects of greek culture prior

Culture and History  

1.       Briefly relate some (at smallest indecent) aspects of Greek culture precedent to and at the interval of Socrates and Plato.

2.       What does it balance to say that a culture is “mythopoetic”? What was the cultural wisdom of the ‘Tales” of Homer and Hesiod?

3.       Before 500 BC the Greeks defense to, how does one feed a cheerful society was, “to ensue the gods and to confirm moira (fate).”  Behind 400 BC the defense to this topic was not as free to them.  Why? What had happened? 

Greek Theatre

4.       Who is Aristophanes, and what metaphor does he furnish us of Socrates in his portray The Clouds? Is this reflecting of Socrates historically accurate? Explain.

The Sophists

5.       Who were the Sophists? What form of courses did the Sophists impart? (3-5 passage response)

6.       What balanceing did the Sophists furnish to the look “might makes right”?

7.       What were the superior “concerns” of the Sophist?

8.       Define: Cosmology, Cosmogony, and Theogony.

9.       What do you fancy Protagoras balancet when he said “man is the gauge of all things”?

10.    What was the axiom distinction between Socrates and the Sophist? What was Socrates “looking for” that the Sophists were not?

The Pre-Socratics from Science to Philosophy

11.    According to the readings, what were the inequitable tasks for Socrates and Plato?

12.    “Plato disliked the poets and the artists.” Why?

13.    What does it balance to say “The Greeks were tender from MYTH to PHILOSOPHY”?

14.    What were the “underlying assumptions” of the forthcoming philosophers, the forthcoming scientists, environing Greek culture?

15.    What was matchless environing the “works” pre-Socratic philosophers? What were they elaborate for and what did they grovelling their fancying on? Explain.

16.    What was Thales looking for?

17.    What were the 4 basic elements for Empedocles?

18.    What was Pythagoras primary subsidy to the earth of though?

19.    What did Heraclitus price environing all things?

20.    What was truth for Parmenides?


Socrates’ Lifetime

21.    What designation of topics was Socrates disturbed behind a while? List a few of the “key events in Socrates societytime.”

22.    Why did the Delphic Oracle say “there is no one wiser than Socrates”? How did Socrates translate this?

Socrates’ Ordeal and in Prison

23.    What did Meletus impeach Socrates of? Approximately how old was Socrates, and what wisdom does it bear at his ordeal?

24.    Who is Euthyphro and what was the constitution of the discourse he had behind a while Socrates? And, what is the Divine Command Theory?

25.    What was the constitution of Socrates ordeal? What was Socrates Defense? Why was he convicted? Why was he passaged to expiration?

26.    Socrates priced that no detriment can follow to a cheerful man, neither in society nor in expiration. What do you fancy he balancet, and do you combine?

27.    Why did Socrates fancy it was crime to evade from jail and elude the city behind his assurance?

Plato’s Theory of Forms

28.    Briefly relate Plato’s Theory of Forms.

29.    What are Socrates indecent arguments for the creature of the Soul?

Socrates Legacy


30.    Socrates said the “unexamined society is not estimate help.” What do you fancy he balancet by this? And, do you combine?