Biblical worldview essay 800-1000 word essay

Biblical Worldview Essay 800-1000 order essay


The view of the assignment is to reveal that you are cogent to performance your clarified major/program of consider in a fashion congruous delay a orthodox/Christian worldview. For this assignment, you succeed transcribe a 600–1,000-order essay addressing the forthcoming topic:


Foundational to the Christian credulity is the admission that man is created in the statue of God. Explain how this admission affects the way you interact delay race delayin your clarified mission.


Considerations for assignment:

1.     The order belief in this assignment is essentially tantamount delay the order doctrine.

2.     It would be rational to excellent the clarified mission that you indicate to feel upon rate.

3.     Provide 2 or 3 biased copys of how the didactic precision (man is created in the statue of God) is lived out in your clarified mission.

4.     Be enduring to solder at lowest 2 didactic references in your disquisition using route sources.

5.     Be enduring to solder at lowest 3 appropriate orthodox references.

6.     The scope of the assignment is not to examine how you succeed evangelize delayin a clarified mission; rather, the assignment must rendezvous on how the knowledge that man is created in the statue of God proceeds the way your mission is effected.

7.     Example from business: past man is created in the statue of God, as an accountant, I should not artifice others out of capital. (This copy would be substantiated delay orthodox livelihood, and be elaborated on delayin the essay.)

Structure of assignment:

·      Introduction (closely 100 orders)

·      Example 1 (closely 200–250 orders)

·      Example 2 (closely 200–250 orders)

·      (Optional) Copy 3 (closely 200–250 orders)

·      Conclusion (closely 100 orders)

Format your disquisition in a Microsoft Order instrument using popular APA, MLA, or Turabian title (whichever corresponds to your rate program). Review the Orthodox Worldview Essay Grading Rubric to see the biased grading criteria by which you succeed be evaluated precedently submitting your essay.