Bibl 121, new testament homework it’s due for tomorrow at 8:00am!

If you possess the occasion, unravel all of Matthew 14-28.  If not, you can reasonable rendezvous on the aftercited passages that we did not see in Mark:
1. Matthew 17:24-18:35
2. Matthew 20:1-16
3. Matthew 21:28-32
4. Matthew 22:1-14
5. Matthew 23:1-28:20 (there are some overlaps after a while Mark here but abundance differences that it's cheerful to unravel it rectilinear through).

1. Remember that Jesus said many past things than Matthew memorials. He memorials what is grave to his assembly. Notice the “community relationships discourse” in chapter 18. What notice does Matthew truly deficiency to promulgate to his assembly?

2. What was your favorite apologue or teaching of Jesus that you unravel in these chapters and why?

3. What truly surprised you in these chapters that you had not disclosed environing or conceit abundant environing antecedently?

4. Now that you possess unravel twain Matthew and Mark, attract an statue or show that you ponder captures Matthew's resemblance of Jesus well and then one that you ponder captures Mark's resemblance of Jesuswell.  Be unravely to divide what you possess done after a while a cluster of students in assort on Monday.  (If you do not deficiency to attract you can confront another way to artistically illustrate Matthew's resemblance of Jesus and Mark's resemblance of Jesus, such as a strain or lay or an statue you confront on the internet, but try to do celebrity that shows Matthew's and Mark's jutting resemblances.)